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Advanced Hair System

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6-week hair restoration program


Written by: Becki Murray

Reviewed by: Alice Hart-Davis

Last Updated: 30 November 2023

A fast-acting treatment for hair loss and thinning, CALECIM Professional Advanced Hair System is a non-drug alternative to medication and hair transplants. With an impressive number of clinically validated results and reviews, it is demonstrated to deliver a 24% increase in the growth of hair follicle cells and a 30 times reduction in inflammatory signals in the hair follicle (a leading contributor to hair cell follicle death). It is the only product with a peer-reviewed publication on successfully treating hair loss caused by COVID-19.

It is a serum-enhanced microneedling-based treatment which can be applied in-clinic or at home. It uses stem cell-derived growth factors to re-invigorate dormant and sluggish hair follicles, giving thicker, healthier hair to both men and women suffering mild to moderate hair loss and thinning. In clinic, the hair growth-promoting serum is needled into the scalp using a microneedling pen, whereas at home there’s an innovative microneedling stamp to deliver the formula to the hair follicle. The result is a minimally invasive yet fast-acting solution: you should see a visible difference in hair regrowth from 6 to 12 weeks, and without side effects.

Watch how to use CALECIM’s Advanced Hair System at Home


Price Range

From £1,500 for six sessions in-clinic; the at-home box (lasts 6 weeks) costs £267.75 through The Tweakments Guide.


Thicker, healthier-looking hair to help counteract mild to moderate thinning


A minimally invasive treatment for hair loss, available in-clinic and for at-home use

Lasts for

Permanent with regular maintenance recommended

Treatment Time

30 minutes

Any Anaesthesia




What’s the science behind a CALECIM hair treatment?

In a nutshell, the CALECIM Advanced Hair System contains a whole bunch of growth factors, which are proteins that send cells in the body messages, including for healing and repair. The formula’s specific stem cell extracts work by sending ‘cellular messages’ to the hair follicle cells, stimulating growth and creating a healthier environment for thicker, glossier, and stronger hair to grow.

Specifically, what the CALECIM hair technology does is work to restore your healthy hair cycle, promoting more hair growth in the growing phase, while taking away some of the conditions that cause the hair to fall out and stop growing. First among those conditions is inflammation. The net result of this is that more hair stays around and stays healthier for longer.

What is the CALECIM Advanced Hair System made from?

The CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System uses ethically sourced red deer umbilical cord-derived stem cells that are the richest source of stem cells from a non-embryonic source. These stem cells are included in an extremely high concentration of about 80 per cent, with 1ml of the active ingredient containing at least 3,000 growth factors and proteins.

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Why We Recommend CALECIM

Watch Alice being treated with CALECIM’s Advanced Hair System in Dr Tapan Patel’s clinic

There are few therapies that offer geniune hope for hair loss, but the evidence in favour of Calecim Advanced Hair System - clinical as well as anecdotal - has been stacking up over the past few years. Treatment using the special serum and its key blend of growth factors and exosomes is quick, straightforward and minimally invasive - it involves a bit of prickly microneedling to work the serum into the scalp, but nothing traumatic - and you can have it done in a clinic or DIY at home.

Alice Hart-Davis
Founder, The Tweakments Guide

What is the treatment like to have in-clinic?

It’s pretty straightforward. Depending on the clinic you choose, you can expect to lie back on a comfy doctor’s chair and your practitioner will then adjust your head and hair to get the best view and access to your scalp. After a thorough scalp analysis to assess the quality of your hair and your concerns, the CALECIM Professional Advanced Hair System is applied onto your scalp, before a microneedling pen is used to work the product into your skin.

The exact microneedling device used can differ by clinic, but the sweet spot for the length of the needles is at least 0.7mm. While the product is said to have some effect without microneedling, it’s the needling that really drives the results home – delivering the formula exactly where the hair needs it.

As the device delicately punctures the skin of the treated area, the sensation is like short and sharp pinpricks, which should be slightly uncomfortable but not painful. You’ll often find that in some areas you hardly feel anything at all, while on the temples or towards the back of the head, you may feel more discomfort. The formula also does have an unusual smell, but it’s not as off-putting as say the burning smell you get with some laser treatments.


Why is CALECIM exciting?

As anyone struggling with hair thinning will know, hair loss is as much an emotional and confidence issue as it is a cosmetic one. What CALECIM offers is a minimally invasive option for hair regrowth that is both quick (with results from six weeks), offers no significant side effects, and can be used both in-clinic and as an at-home treatment.

CALECIM Professional Advanced Hair System reviews also highlight how the quality of your hair is improved too, specifically the thickness of each strand. This is because the technology targets both the hair follicle and scalp inflammation, aiming to not only boost regrowth, but give you a stronger, thicker, and healthier head of hair than ever before. That means it is an effective treatment for people with thin, brittle, and low-quality hair too.

Why is the at-home treatment programme exciting?

The CALECIM Professional Advanced Hair System is not only available as an in-clinic treatment – you can do the treatment at home use too. This can be particularly helpful if you’d prefer not to be tied to weekly clinic visits, and for individuals who are at the start of their hair loss or hair thinning journey.

The at-home programme contains the exact same growth factor-packed serum as used in clinic, and you’ll be given a microneedling stamping device, to help deliver it into your scalp, too. The tool has slightly shorter needles than those used in clinic so they don’t penetrate as deep, but it is easy and safer for a non-medic to use at-home, either directly or with the help of a friend or family member.

Once again, it’s designed to be used once a week for 6-12 weeks, and although you may have to wait a little longer to see results, practitioners really trust it. In fact, they report increasingly sending their patients away with the at-home programme to maximise their results after the end of their in-clinic sessions.

What results can you get with CALECIM?

After a course of treatment, practitioners have been reporting some really exciting and impressive improvements in hair growth. Hair regrowth is a long process, but after six weeks (demonstrated by CALECIM before-and-afters), you should be starting to see new hair growth and therefore a reduction in the amount of scalp that is clearly visible. This in turn gives the overall impression of a healthier head of hair, with results getting better over time. It’s not a substantiated claim, but there are even some reports that the formula has helped restore some of the original colour to greying hair, too.


”A brilliant product! After six weeks, I have definitely seen results. My hair is much thicker and I have new hair growth along my hair line.” Kelly, 40-49 year old woman.

“I am approximately half way through my six week treatment course and I have to admit that I am extremely happy with the results that I have experienced thus far! I can literally see and feel new hair follicles sprouting in the areas in which my male pattern baldness has manifested. For me, this is quite a remarkable result, as no product I have used previous has been able to achieve results of this magnitude.”

“Very quick results. Stabilised hair loss and new hair appearing.” Samir – 40-49 year old man.

“I’ve experienced some positive hair growth where it was thinning (for hormonal reasons), especially around the crown area. I intend to continue the journey and hope for further improved results.” Tabby – 50-59 years old woman.


“Significant reduction in shedding and a good amount of regrowth of baby hair at the front of the hairline.” JC, 40-49 year old woman.

“Calecim is a real innovation as far as I've seen. And it's not just me – there are a number of colleagues who have been really excited by Calecim…” Dr Tapan Patel

Where can CALECIM be used?

As the name suggests, the CALECIM Professional Advanced Hair System is designed for use on your scalp. However, the company also has a professional serum for your face, which is used alongside microneedling in clinic. It has equally impressive results, specifically for treating inflammation.

Who is suitable for a CALECIM hair treatment?

The CALECIM Professional Advanced Hair System is best suited for people with mild to moderate hair loss. That includes hair loss due to hormonal imbalances such as after pregnancy, hair shedding due to stress, and female pattern balding, which tends to begin around perimenopause. It was designed to help women who have previously felt ‘unheard’ in their hair loss, too, as well as for people who have used other hair drugs like Minoxidil and found that these does not work for them.

More recently, CALECIM has also been proven to help improve the hair quality of individuals diagnosed with Long Covid, which has been shown to trigger hair thinning in some people. Your practitioner will be able to let you know if you are a good candidate at your consultation.

How quickly can you see results?

The process is very straightforward, so your treatment time can be as little as 15-30 minutes per session, depending on your degree of hair thinning. However, you’ll need to have at least six sessions to see signs of hair regrowth after your in-clinic sessions, and closer to 12 weeks when using the weekly at-home offering. You’ll also get the best results by using the at-home treatment as part of a regular maintenance programme.

How does it compare to other treatments for hair loss?

Traditionally the main solution available to use for hair loss and thinning (aside from tackling any health concerns), is medication. Standard remedies that you may have heard about are Minoxidil and Finasteride. However, the major drawback is that you have to apply these every day (for the lotions) or take them every day (when they’re pills) and continue to take them to see results, which means compliance (aka actually remembering to do this) can be a challenge.

Other popular options include PRP, which involves injecting the platelet-rich plasma from your blood back into your scalp, to rejuvenate the hair follicles. This has been shown to work (if you can cope with the blood taking) although sessions are expensive and the treatment also relies on you having enough high-quality plasma in your blood to see results. Finally, the most invasive option is a full hair transplant, which can offer very effective results, but there are more risks and it is a much more invasive surgical treatment.

What CALECIM offers is something minimally invasive, relatively fast, and it’s available for at-home use, as well as in the clinic.

Are there clinical studies on the CALECIM Professional Advanced Hair System?

Yes, and the company proudly displays a selection of them on its website. They range from in-vitro (aka lab-based) studies into the system’s proven ability to act on the hair follicle to trigger hair regrowth; a clinical observation study presented at the World Congress of Dermatology demonstrating the successful use of umbilical cord stem cells alongside microneedling for male and female hair regrowth; and a case study showcasing the effective treatment of Covid-19-induced scalp alopecia.

How much does CALECIM treatment cost?

On average, you can expect to pay upwards of £250 per session, or around £1500 for six sessions in-clinic. The at-home programme retails for £315 for a six-week supply.

What is the aftercare like for the CALECIM hair treatment?

Your head is likely to be a little sore post-treatment and you may have some small patches of redness. Some rarer side effects are bruising or swelling, but these should also calm down very quickly.

You should avoid washing your hair for up to 48 hours after treatment. If you are using the treatment at home and have not used up the whole vial of serum during the treatment, you can apply the remainder of this over the next 48 hours. You’ll also be advised to minimize how much you touch your scalp to help speed up any healing time, and should keep hairstyling products to a minimum for a couple of days.

How painful is a CALECIM treatment?

The CALECIM hair serum itself just feels a little damp on your scalp, but the microneedling may trigger some discomfort. It shouldn’t be really painful though, and you or your practitioner can vary how hard the device is pressed into your scalp if you do find some areas less tolerant than others. The hairline for example tends to be a more sensitive area.

Can the treatment be combined with others to boost results?

Some practitioners like to combine CALECIM with LED red light therapy – after the product is needled into your scalp, you’ll lay under a device for 15-20 minutes. Red light has been shown to help tackle the inflammation that can accelerate hair thinning.

Are there any pre-treatment considerations?

The treatment works best when delivered onto clean hair so there’s no debris, such as a buildup of oil or dandruff, which may affect penetration. It can also help reduce the risk of infection after microneedling.

However, the main thing to consider (and address if necessary) pre-treatment is whether there could be any underlying treatable causes of your hair thinning or hair loss. That’s why many aesthetic doctors or trichologists (sometimes colloquially called ‘hair doctors’) recommend a blood test pre-treatment if there’s a suspicion something specific could be the cause. For example, an underactive thyroid gland may cause hair loss, as well as an iron deficiency, which due to our periods can be more common in women.

Who created CALECIM?

CALECIM® Professional was created by Singapore-based Biotech company CellResearch, which channels 18-years of stem-cell research and technology into its CALECIM® Professional formulas.


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