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Written by: Becki Murray

Last Updated: 29 November 2023

Celluma is a US-based company that manufactures LED light therapy devices, both for professional, in-clinic treatments and for purchase to use at home.

Celluma devices deliver blue (465nm), red (640nm) and infrared (880nm) light energy simultaneously to treat skin, pain, and hair loss conditions. The brand’s most popular at-home device is the Celluma PRO, specifically designed for acne, anti-ageing and pain management. The hands-free, portable device is a shape-taking panel that can be positioned over the face and wrapped around any part of the body for targeted treatment.

Price Range

Around £60 per 30-minute session, or £1,995 for the PRO device


Helps clear acne, boosts collagen production for skin rejuvenation and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, accelerated wound healing, relief from certain types of pain


Clinically proven wavelengths; portable, shape-taking devices that can be used on any body part, FDA-cleared and medical CE marked

Lasts for

Treatments should be repeated regularly to achieve and maintain results

Treatment Time

30 minutes

Any Anaesthesia




Before and after images

Why We Recommend Celluma

Alice Hart-Davis
Founder, The Tweakments Guide

Celluma is one of only a few superior LED brands on the market, thanks to its huge amounts of clinical research and high technological expertise. This means that wherever you have Celluma LED – at home or in clinic – you know you’re receiving a level of treatment that’s safe and effective. To back this up, Celluma devices are cleared by the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) and European Medical Device Authorities for pain management, skin conditions and hair restoration.

About Celluma

How does Celluma work?

There’s a lot of science to explain how Celluma’s LED devices achieve improvement in the skin, but to list some of the things LED light therapy does (depending on the colour of the wavelength), it increases collagen and elastin production, regenerates cells, reduces and prevents cell death, increases blood flow, develops new capillaries, kills acne-causing bacteria, decreases inflammation, and improves skin tone, texture and clarity.

This is all to do with the natural photo-biochemical reaction that this specific light energy has on the body’s cells, similar to the process of plant photosynthesis.

Uniform delivery of the light energy is crucial to successful energy absorption by the body’s cells, so each Celluma device is designed as a flexible panel that and be moulded and contoured to fit comfortably over the treatment area to deliver the optimal amount of restorative light energy in each session and increase effectiveness.

What does red LED do?

Red light has a healing effect on the skin and promotes the growth of collagen in the gentlest of ways. It’s the best wavelength for an anti-ageing effect – so for wrinkles, fine lines, and crepey skin texture.

What does blue LED do?

Blue light addresses acne issues by killing the acne-causing bacteria at the source, beneath the skin’s surface. This helps to reduce the number of spots that form on the skin, and it also reduces the redness and inflammation that comes with acne.

What does near-infrared (NIR) LED do?

Near-infrared LED light can penetrate deeper into the body, which means it has medical benefits, like targeting muscle and joint pain for relief from inflammation and injury.

How quickly does LED get results?

Before-and-after images show that Celluma devices are able to achieve visible anti-ageing results and skin texture improvements in as little as 4 weeks, with 3 sessions per week. For acne patients, results can be seen after using the device twice per week for 5-8 weeks.


Does Celluma clear acne?

Celluma’s blue LED wavelength is a proven acne treatment. LED light therapy can be very effective at clearing and helping to manage acne, and sufferers often turn to LED after more traditional acne treatments have failed. It works by killing the bacteria that causes acne spots to develop on the skin. There’s also evidence to suggest that applying blue and red LED light synergistically not only kills the acne-causing bacteria, but also decreases redness and inflammation to improve skin tone, texture, and clarity overall.


What happens during a Celluma treatment?

It’s very simple. A lot of practitioners will incorporate Celluma LED into longer facial treatments as one of the final steps, or they may pop you under the light panel after something like a peel or a microneedling session, to calm inflammation and continue the wound-healing response.

In a standalone Celluma treatment:

  1. The skin will be cleansed
  2. The skin may be exfoliated if appropriate
  3. The Celluma LED panel will be applied for 30 minutes with the relevant programme (typically Acne or Wrinkles)
  4. Appropriate skincare products will be applied to finish the treatment.


Can LED be used with injectables?

Yes, LED light therapy won’t have any effect on dermal fillers or toxin. In fact, using LED post-injectables can help reduce any bruising, swelling and tenderness.


Is Celluma as powerful at home as in a clinic treatment?

Yes. Unlike some other LED light therapy brands, Celluma sells the exact same devices that skin professionals use in clinic for you to purchase and use at home. This means that you’ll be getting the same wavelengths, parameters and energy dosages as you would in a professional treatment.

What is Celluma used to treat


‘My therapies not only cover progressive skin care but total body wellness, so Celluma was a natural choice. Adding advanced LED technology with the added benefit to mould the unit to adapt to body parts for healthy ageing and rejuvenating treatments is excellent, as it allows for larger surface coverage. The Celluma device is an integral part of my Masterlift therapy. Its advanced technology allows the deeply penetrating wavelengths to interact at a cellular level giving relief to pain, reduced inflammation, and improvement in conditions such as acne.’ – Marie Reynolds, skin and wellness therapist, Fortnum and Mason and MRL Clinic

‘Being able to treat inflammatory skin conditions, revitalise tired and ageing skin, as well as to deliver results for pain management and wound healing has broadened both my in-clinic and at-home treatment offering. Most importantly, my Celluma devices have taken our patients’ results and satisfaction to the next level.’ – Miss Sherina Balaratnam, S-Thetics Clinic

‘I use Celluma LED in my clinical practice on a daily basis. In addition to the skin benefits, Celluma has been incredibly beneficial to my clients for joint and muscular conditions. The Celluma rental part of my business has proved popular for both skin and musculoskeletal concerns.’ – Alison Fulford, Independent Nurse Prescriber, Harbourside Aesthetic Clinic

‘Celluma is an integral component of NYDG signature treatments like the Triad and Runway Facials, which employ the regenerative and lifting effects of multi-layered energy waves and technologies in single sessions. Celluma is implemented as the final step to accelerate cellular recovery. Quite often, I recommend the device as an ongoing maintenance treatment at home to further optimise results.’ – Dr Costas Papageorgiou, New York Dermatology Group and The Wellness Clinic at Harrods 


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