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Cristal Pro

Written by: Becki Murray

Reviewed by: Alice Hart-Davis

Last Updated: 30 November 2023

Deleo Cristal Pro is a new type of cryolipolysis device for freezing stubborn pockets of fat on the body and under the chin.

It has been designed to make cryolipolysis (also known as fat freezing) as efficient and safe as possible. Cristal Pro is part of Deleo’s Cristal Body-Layering programme which also includes muscle toning and skin tightening, for a holistic approach to aesthetic rejuvenation of the body.

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Why We Recommend Cristal Pro

Alice Hart-Davis
Founder, The Tweakments Guide

This new generation cryolipolysis device is a major advancement in aesthetic medicine thanks to its unique patented technology. This new generation of technology also comes with its own diagnostic tool in the form of an ultrasound scanner to measure the fat layers for safe and effective patient selection. The device has been extensively tested and clinically validated, and it has been used successfully by practitioners around the world to help patients achieve their body contouring goals.

About Cristal Pro

How does Deleo Cristal Pro work?

The treatment allows the crystallisation of fat cells that self-destruct under the action of cold. An applicator sucks the fat and cools it up to minus 12°c. The crystallised fat will then be eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system over the weeks following the session. Optimal results can be seen after 12 weeks.


What parts of the body can be treated with Deleo Cristal Pro?

The main treatment areas include but are not limited to; chin/ neck, love handles (flanks), arms, ‘saddle bags’, bra fold/ back fold, inner/outer thighs, pseudogynecomastia, knees, abdomen, and ankles. Cristal Pro has 8 applicators, each specifically designed to fit securely and comfortably onto the treatment area for consistent cooling across the area.


Can you treat more than one area at once?

One of the great things about Cristal Pro is that it allows patients to have multiple areas treated at the same time. Up to 4 applicators can work simultaneously from the machine, saving you time if there is more than one area you’d like to treat, rather than having to visit a clinic on multiple occasions or for long appointments.


Is Deleo Cristal Pro painful?

No. You may feel a slightly strange sensation in the treatment area, but fat freezing is generally comfortable.


What happens in a Cristal Pro session?

  1. After setting your goals and treatment plan, the doctor takes measurements of the areas to be treated as well as photos.
  2. The doctor sits you comfortably on the treatment table and first applies a cryoprotective wipe to the area to be treated.
  3. The applicator is then positioned on the greasy fold, then the cooling and suction are launched. The bulge will lodge in the applicator cavity to cool evenly.
  4. At the beginning of the session, it is possible to feel a feeling of traction and pinching of the skin when placing the applicator. Then after a few minutes of cooling, the area is numbed by the cold and the sensations of tightness disappear. A session lasts from 30 to 60 minutes during which you can relax, listen to music or read.
  5. Once the session is over and the applicators are removed, the doctor or her/his assistant will massage the treated area for about ten minutes to warm up the area. This massage stimulates lymphatic drainage and thus promotes the elimination of fat cells.


How many treatments do I need with Deleo Cristal Pro to get a result?

Results vary from patient to patient. In general, patients achieve a 20 to 40% reduction in fat bulge volume in just one session, which is usually sufficient for small areas. However, adjacent areas will sometimes be treated for a harmonious result. If the fat zone is large, the treatment may be repeated after the first session.


How long do results last from Deleo Cristal Pro?

Results are permanent providing a healthy lifestyle – including a balanced diet and regular physical activity – is followed to prevent weight being gained back in the treated area.


What makes Deleo Cristal Pro different from other fat-freezing devices?

There are a few things that differentiate Cristal Pro from other fat-freezing devices. Not only does it have 8 different applicators to get the best fit on different body parts, it is also equipped with an ultrasound scanner that allows the practitioner to visualise the different layers of skin and fat, and to measure muscle volume. This improves treatment safety and accuracy.

What is Cristal Pro used to treat


“In clinic, I love using Deleo’s medical cryolipolysis device on my patients as not only is it safe, effective and non-invasive, but it is also ideal for individuals struggling with all types of stubborn fat, whether it’s love handles, abdomen or upper arms – the device is really versatile.” – Dr Ana Mansouri

“Having used my Cristal cryolipolysis device for many years now, it is clear that Deleo’s focus is on innovative design, safety and quality, which is why I would highly recommend them to my peers.” – Jacqui Fenner

“I find the Cristal Pro device impressive due to its inclusion of seven distinct applicators designed to cater to various body areas. This feature makes it a versatile tool that can efficiently target specific regions. Moreover, Cristal Pro stands out as one of the safest devices in the market, and its exceptional results make it a recommendable purchase for any practitioner or clinic seeking to enhance their services.” – Khatra Paterson 

“The reason I love to use the Cristal cryolipolysis device because it ensures patient safety and consistent delivery of good results, which in effect leads to high patient satisfaction.” – Dr Taimur Shoaib


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