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NeoGen Plasma

Written by: Becki Murray

Reviewed by: Alice Hart-Davis

Last Updated: 30 November 2023

NeoGen is a totally different kind of skin resurfacing, tightening and rejuvenating treatment. It uses nitrogen thermal plasma technology to remodel collagen and tighten and resurface the skin effectively and safely – not to be confused with traditional ‘plasma pens’ or devices.

Generating ultra-high frequency energy mixed with pure nitrogen gas, nitrogen plasma is created, working in two ways simultaneously; superficially at the zone of damage and underneath the epidermis where the collagen forms.


Price Range

from £800 a session, depending on location/ treatment


Skin regeneration and tightening, non-surgical blepharoplasty, treats melasma, and more.


Safe and effective nitrogen plasma, only treatment of its kind, simultaneously treats multiple concerns.

Lasts for

10-60 minutes depending on treatment

Treatment Time

Long-term results

Any Anaesthesia

Topical anaesthetic cream if required


1-10 days

Before and after images

Why We Recommend NeoGen Plasma

Alice Hart-Davis
Founder, The Tweakments Guide

Manufactured by Welsh company Energist, NeoGen has a crucial point of difference compared to the type of plasma devices we’re already familiar with – it uses nitrogen. The key point here is that nitrogen doesn’t need oxygen to create plasma, and oxygen, as a key component in fire, is what causes the skin to char in traditional plasma treatments, causing those microscopic burns. Instead, with NeoGen, atmospheric oxygen is ’pushed’ out of the way as the nitrogen plume comes out of the device’s tip, so that by the time the energy hits the skin there is no oxygen present. This means that the outer layer of skin remains intact, with no charring, ablation, puncturing or vaporising of the skin. And equally importantly, the results are truly impressive.

About NeoGen Plasma

Why is NeoGen a good option for skin tightening?

NeoGen treats the whole skin architecture – the whole surface and all tissues beneath the surface are modified, as opposed to radiofrequency microneedling and fractional lasers which only treat a proportion of the skin tissue. The treatment delivers controlled and predictable thermal energy to the skin, meaning treatments are non-ablative and carry a predictable recovery process. Plus, NeoGen treatments are tailorable –  by varying the energy and number of pulses, the practitioner can provide a bespoke treatment to meet the patient’s results and recovery needs.


What does NeoGen treat?

In addition to general skin tightening and regeneration, NeoGen can treat:


How much downtime is there?

It depends on the type of treatment and the amount of nitrogen plasma energy delivered to the skin. The company says downtime ranges from 1-10 days, with patients back to normal from day 5 onwards.


Can NeoGen do a non-surgical blepharoplasty?

Yes. It can be used to tighten and regenerate loose, crepey skin around the eyes. Pulses of plasma can be delivered directly to the eyelid and surrounding area without the need for ocular guards.


What are the different types of NeoGen treatment?

There are three NeoGen Plasma machines:

  • NeoGen SPA – Safely and effectively treats all skin tones by performing multiple treatments at a lower energy level. It is ideal for those wanting to experience significant improvements in skin tone, texture, and appearance of wrinkles, with very little downtime.
  • NeoGen EVO – Can treat the whole body with a broad range of energy levels to tailor toindividual needs. EVO targets both aesthetic and dermatological conditions such as acne scarring, wrinkles, pigmented lesions and viral papillomata.
  • NeoGen PSR – Allows practitioners to deliver the machine’s full energy range with functionality for deeper penetration into the skin. This is the best option for severe concerns and provides transformative results.


Is NeoGen safe for dark skin?

Yes, but only on the lowest energy level settings of each machine/ type of treatment. Treatments are tailored to the individual to ensure safety on darker skin tones.


Does NeoGen hurt?

Topical anaesthetic cream will be applied is necessary, depending on the type of treatment being performed, how much energy is being delivered into the skin, and the number of energy pulses.


What treatment did Shirley Ballas have?

Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley Ballas hit the headlines when images of her fresh new face were revealed. She had a series of NeoGen treatments over a year with Dr Judy Todd to tighten her jawline, reduce pigmentation, sun spots, and spider veins, and generally reinvigorate her face and neck.

What is NeoGen Plasma used to treat

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