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WOW Facial is a six-step hyper-personalised facial that gives immediate results.


WOW Facial

Written by: Becki Murray

Reviewed by: Alice Hart-Davis

Last Updated: 30 November 2023

WOW Facial (so called because of the exclamation clients make when they see their skin after the treatment) is a six-step hyper-personalised facial focused on delivering skin solutions.

The professional protocol gives immediate results, and if the treatment is repeated on a regular basis, WOW Facial is designed to improve the skin’s health over time. It combines cleansing, acid peeling, microneeding, LED light, a stem-cell rich mask and finishing products; and can help with a multitude of skin concerns.

Price Range



Leaves skin brighter, smoother and more even-textured; a truly tailored treatment personalised to skin's needs


The WOW Fusion needling device delivers skincare actives intra-dermally

Lasts for

3 months

Treatment Time

90 minutes

Any Anaesthesia




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Why We Recommend WOW Facial

Alice Hart-Davis
Founder, The Tweakments Guide

This professional treatment is truly an advanced facial – effective modalities, clinical-grade products and a bespoke approach to each client and their skin needs. It’s suitable for any skin type, tone and age, and can be performed at any time of the year without increasing skin sensitivity. The calming LED and soothing collagen-based sheet mask accelerate skin into repair mode following the peeling and needling stages, ensuring every client leaves with smooth, glowing skin and minimal redness. It’s also a good choice for those who want to clear pigmentation thanks to the specially formulated peel and needling solution packed with brightening acids and tyrosinase inhibitors.

About WOW Facial

What is WOW Facial?

A six-step, super-personalised skin treatment that combines hands-on elements with clever aesthetic technologies and high-quality cosmeceutical skincare products. The skin is taken through a full professional protocol to leave it brighter, smoother, more even-textured and with a ‘wow’-worthy glow.


What does a WOW Facial involve?

The six steps involved in a WOW Facial are:

  1. Cleanse and Prep: A choice of cleansers to cleanse and prepare different skin types – glycolic cleansing lotion for rejuvenating ageing, dull, rough skin; salicylic wash for acne and oil-prone skin; lactic wash for revitalisation and photo-damaged skin
  2. Peel and Treat: A choice of four gentle yet effective superficial peels to start treating skin issues – Glow, a combination of three acids for dull and tired skin showing the first signs of ageing; Bright, a combination of six acids to start lifting epidermal pigment as well as tyrosinase inhibition to address sun damage and hyperpigmentation; Clarify, a clever blend of four acids including salicylic acid to reduce sebum production and effectively remove debris and oil from the pores. This reduces the occurrence of acne breakouts and calms the associated inflammation; or Resurface, a powerful mix of five acids to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin, sun damage and age spots
  3. WOW Fusion with WOW Fusion solutions: Skin is gently stamped all over with a bespoke cocktail of skincare actives using the WOW Fusion needling device. The solution is formulated for each client depending on the skin’s needs during treatment
  4. WOW LED light therapy: An LED mask rejuvenates the skin by improving the dermal matrix, increasing collagen and elastin production, leading to firmer, smoother skin. LED light therapy reduces downtime by speeding up healing
  5. The Mask by WOW Facial: A collagen sheet mask infused with potent anti-ageing ingredients including hyaluronic acid, stem cells, antioxidants and peptides. The transdermal technology of the mask allows the ingredients to penetrate the skin, infusing into each layer. The mask also reduces any redness from the Fusion needling
  6. Finish and Protect: A choice of aftercare solutions tailored to your skin such as – Eye complex serum with vitamins E and F and peptides to target puffiness and dark circles; Revitalise Bright Sonic HA Serum with vitamin C to brighten the skin; Rejuvenate Sonic HA Serum with vitamins A, C and E to refresh and tighten skin; Intense Repair complex, a moisturising and restoring complex with shea butter, amino acids and marine extract. The treatment is completed with application of Synergy 6 NX-Gen SPF 50, offering protection from UV, environmental, thermal and blue light radiation.


What is WOW Fusion?

WOW Fusion is a skin needling device, but probably not one you’ve seen before. A small glass vial with 20 24K gold-plated needles, each 0.13mm in diameter, the device allows your skin therapist to create a bespoke skincare cocktail using the WOW Fusion solutions. The design of the needles allows this cocktail to flow into the epidermal/ dermal junction, delivering those nourishing ingredients exactly where they’re needed.


Who is WOW Facial for?

All skin types and tones can benefit from a WOW Facial. In particular, it’s great for acne, enlarged pores, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and early signs of ageing.


How does WOW Facial help pigmentation?

First, a superficial peel tailored to the needs of pigmented skin – like WOW’s Bright peel, can help fade and lift surface pigment. Then, needling over the skin and infusing it with WOW Fusion’s White solution will help fight and prevent pigmentation on a deeper level. It’s formulated using ingredients scientifically proven to treat pigmentation – like vitamin C, liquorice root extract, glycolic and azelaic acids, morus alba extract and glutathione.


How often should I have a WOW Facial?

For a long-lasting glow and cumulative skin-health benefits WOW Facial should be repeated every three months.


What products are used during a WOW Facial?

All products used within a WOW Facial treatment are exclusively formulated by the brand for use in the professional protocol. Some can also be purchased for home use.

What is WOW Facial used to treat

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‘Love, love, love WOW Facial and my patients love it too. I just love this company – they are innovative and really look after their customers.’ – Caterina Alvarez, Alvarez Aesthetics

‘I love using the WOW Fusion device and mesotherapy solutions. They are great for treating ageing, acne scarring and fine lines.’ – Gemma Hornsby, Essence


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