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TTG Review of BBC1: The Truth about Cosmetic Treatments

Alice Hart-Davis, founder of The Tweakments Guide, reviews the BBC1 programme: The Truth about Cosmetic Treatments

Truth cosmetic treatments

Was it just me, or was that programme last night (The Truth about Cosmetic Treatments, BBC1) dull as balls, as my son would say? 

It’s not just sour grapes that I didn’t manage to sneak my way onto it, honest (more of that later). It’s more that, well, it was all super-predictable, wasn’t it?

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The Tweakments Clinic returns in February 2020

The Tweakments Clinic is an event in London where people can have private chats with a top practitioner, and explore tweakments technology


Heads up for my next Tweakments Clinic event, which will be on Tuesday, 25th February in association with the globally renowned Dr Rita Rakus Clinic.

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TTG x Healthista: Kambiz Golchin and The Knightsbridge Lift

How do you avoid pillow-face fillers? Pick a top cosmetic doctor who understands how to frame the face, not overstuff it, says Alice Hart-Davis

IMG_9990 copy

In this video I made for Healthista, I’m talking to Kambiz Golchin, a brilliant surgeon and aesthetic practitioner who works in Dublin and London. Here, I’m asking him about fillers should be used to get the best result in the face. Dr Golchin has a innovative approach called the “Knightsbridge Lift” which he explains here – you can watch the video, below, or read the transcript of our interview.   

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Announcing: The Tweakments Clinic

Want to snag an informal chat with two top Harley Street practitioners? Here’s your chance, at the first Tweakments Clinic event, says Alice Hart-Davis

Tweakments Clinic Square Flyer

Hi everyone, exciting news, I’m delighted to announce my first Tweakments Clinic event which will be happening on Tuesday 12th November at a fab venue in central London, 6-9pm, where you can book in to have an informal chat with two top practitioners, and explore lots of the top brands of technology in the tweakments area.


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Alice meets: Dr Paul Nassif

Alice Hart-Davis asks top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr Paul Nassif of Botched why non-surgical procedures are taking over as he launches new UK Medspa

AHD and Dr Paul Nassif


As one half of the surgical duo who sort out the worst-case patients on Botched, Dr Paul Nassif  is a bit of a legend. As a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and TV personality, he specialises – obviously – in facial plastic surgery, and particularly in revision rhinoplasty.

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5 questions to ask before getting Botox

Questions to ask before having Botox or anti-wrinkle relaxing injections about results and recovery time.

frown lines1-1

If you’re considering getting Botox or other anti-wrinkle injections for the first time then you’re probably a little bit nervous about what the results may look like. You will have a consultation with your practitioner before he or she prescribes Botox and sets about your face with a needle, Continue reading “5 questions to ask before getting Botox”

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For safety’s sake – sign this petition

We get messages all the time about tweakments gone disastrously wrong. Read our blog and join Alice Hart-Davis in the fight for increased patient safety.


I’ve talked about the terrible lack of regulation in the aesthetics industry before, and I have talked about why this is a problem. There is no law to stop you, me or your next-door neighbour getting hold of some fillers, picking up some needles, and just having a go at injecting other people’s faces, and that is an absolute scandal. Continue reading “For safety’s sake – sign this petition”

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What is a Skin Peel?

What is a skin peel and how is it performed? What are the results of a skin peel?

iS Clinical_ Fire & Ice Resurfacing Treatment

Skin peels sound drastic, but they are now a much gentler kind of treatment than they used to be. A skin peel or chemical peel is a deep exfoliation which is done using ingredients such as glycolic acid or lactic acid (rather than, say, a Continue reading “What is a Skin Peel?”

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Why I get so annoyed by the Botox deniers

Most celebs won’t admit when they have Botox. In fact they often deny it outright. This is massively unhelpful for the rest of us, says Alice Hart-Davis

Botox Deniers pic


The who? The famous people and celebs who all have a good deal of help with their looks but if you see them interviewed about this, they’ll never admit it. They’ll say, “I tried Botox once and it made me look weird so I’ve never done it again”.

So, how do they look so good? They’ll say it is because they’ve gone vegan, or taken up  yoga or they’ve got some amazing new face cream. Yeah, right. 

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Four things I learned from Britain’s top cosmetic doctors

Alice Hart-Davis shares four things she learned from Britain’s top cosmetic doctors after attending the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) annual conference.

blog-bcam-1200x1200In September I had the great privilege of attending the annual conference of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM). That might not sound like your idea of a fun way to spend a Saturday but I accepted the invitation like a shot – because BCAM consists of around 360 of the best cosmetic doctors in the UK, and getting to hear what they are focussing on gives a terrific – if not slightly alarming – insight into this fast-moving field.

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