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Will the Covid-19 vaccine make my fillers swell up?

If you’ve had your Covid vaccine, how long should you wait before having dermal fillers? Alice Hart-Davis explains the risks of a reaction.

lip filler injections 2

Over the past few months there have been headlines linking Covid-19 vaccines to problems with dermal fillers. I know lots of you have seen them, because, as the nationwide vaccination programme continues to roll out and the tweakments clinics prepare to re-open on April 12th, I’ve had a lot of messages asking for advice and reassurance about this. 

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Should young women be having tweakments?

Can it be true that two-thirds of millennials want to have non-surgical procedures? Tweakments guide founder Alice Hart-Davis wishes they wouldn’t.

Should young woman be doing Tweakments? I find this a really difficult topic to discuss because personally I wish they wouldn’t, but that makes me sound like a real grumpy old reactionary —  and hypocritical as well because I’ve been doing these things for as long as I’ve been able to get hold of them and I’m sure if they had been around when I was 25, I would have been very curious to try them, too. 

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Let’s Talk About… Marionette Lines

Skincare can’t really help marionette lines, says Alice Hart-Davis. Tweakments will do the job – and these are the ones that work for her.

I’m getting a lot of questions about marionette lines at the moment — the lines that drop from the outer corners of our mouths straight down towards our chin. Maybe that’s because we’re all more gloomy than usual during lockdown, and are catching sight of this in the mirror? 

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Tweak of the Week: Facial Sculpting with Teoxane

This week, Alice discovers why more midlife men are turning to injectable fillers, and how this alters the way a practitioner will inject a face.

Why are more midlife men are turning to injectable fillers? If you ask Dr Benji Dhillon of the Define Clinic it is because they are realising just what impressive and natural-looking results you can get. The rise in male tweakments is definitely a thing – you may have seen some of the articles I’ve written in the national press about it over the years. As Dr Benji explains, it’s all about enhancing the masculine qualities of the face, which means a strong, well-balanced chin and a clean jawline.

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The secret’s out – it’s time to talk tweakments…

Lots more people are getting tweakments nowadays, but the conversation hasn’t moved on in years. I’m looking to change all that – for some very good reasons.

AHD explaining-1

There was a time when tweakments were the preserve of celebrities – though you would be hard pressed to find one who would admit to it. Nowadays, the conversation has moved on and tweakments – aka non-surgical cosmetic procedures like Botox, fillers and skin peels – are becoming more and more mainstream. When I say mainstream, I mean to the extent that you can now get Botox in Superdrug in the UK, and in the States, ‘Botox bars’ such as Plump and Ject are springing up, which make the whole experience of injectables feel more casual and less clinical. Now, more than ever, it’s time to open up the discussion surrounding tweakments.

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TOTW Ep 8: Tear trough filler for under-eye hollows

How does filler in the tear trough help to disguise dark hollows beneath the eyes? Tweakments expert Alice Hart-Davis visits Dr Saleena Zimri to find out.

patient before and after tear trough treatment

Sunken hollows beneath the eyes are the bane of many people’s lives and can give you an ‘always tired’ look. They come about due to a loss of volume in the under-eye area, also called the ‘tear trough’. Careful placement of a lightweight filler gel made from hyaluronic acid can fill in this sunken area and offset the appearance of hollowness.

Tear-trough work is all about creating a smooth junction between the lower eyelid and the cheek. It sounds simple enough, but it’s actually a rather tricky treatment to pull off successfully.

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TTG x Healthista: Kambiz Golchin and The Knightsbridge Lift

How do you avoid pillow-face fillers? Pick a top cosmetic doctor who understands how to frame the face, not overstuff it, says Alice Hart-Davis

IMG_9990 copy

In this video I made for Healthista, I’m talking to Kambiz Golchin, a brilliant surgeon and aesthetic practitioner who works in Dublin and London. Here, I’m asking him about fillers should be used to get the best result in the face. Dr Golchin has a innovative approach called the “Knightsbridge Lift” which he explains here – you can watch the video, below, or read the transcript of our interview.   

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Alice Meets: Sharon Bennett

Jawline junkies & why youngsters wear their fillers with pride, Alice Hart-Davis meets Sharon Bennett, chair of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses

Alice meets Sharon Bennett

Sharon Bennett is one of the expert’s experts in the tweakments arena, the sort who teaches  masterclasses in advanced aesthetics around the world as well as running her own busy and award-winning clinic in Harrogate. She is the chair of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) and has been honing her skills in aesthetics for 30 years. When the first hyaluronic acid fillers appeared in the UK market in 1996, it was Sharon who brought them here. 

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What’s the best injection for wrinkles?

Curious about which cosmetic injections can best tackle wrinkles? It depends on the type of wrinkles, says tweakments expert Alice Hart-Davis

frown lines1

There are several different kinds injections that you could try to soften wrinkles. You could try the obvious kind of anti-wrinkle injections such as Botox. But it depends a bit on the wrinkles.  There are other injections out there, too,  injections which might suit you better. Want to know more? Read on! 

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The Pre-Tweakment Checklist

What should you look for in an aesthetic practitioner? How do you find a practitioner who is good and safe? Here is Alice Hart-Davis’s essential checklist

Screenshot 2019-10-08 at 20.46.13

You’ve decided you want to have a tweakment.

So, how do you choose a practitioner?

The first thing to check is that are medically qualified, that they have trained as a doctor, a nurse or Continue reading “The Pre-Tweakment Checklist”