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Does microneedling work?

Is microneedling as good a tweakment as it’s cracked up to be? If you want smoother, fresher, stronger skin, says Alice Hart-Davis, the answer is, Yes!


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Microneedling is one of those tweakments that has been around for so long that it tends to be overlooked in favour of newer, trendier or more exciting-sounding procedures, but here’s the thing: microneedling really works. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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Those Judy Murray before-and-after photos – what’s the fuss?

Can we believe what we see in before-and-after photos of tweakments? Alice Hart-Davis looks at Judy Murray’s recent transformation.


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So, after all the coverage of Judy Murray’s amazing transformation the other week, there’s been a lot of discussion – sometimes quite heated discussion –  around the results.

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Tweak of the Week: Facial lifting and tightening with Cutera

For this week’s Tweak of the Week, I went to Neville’s in Belgravia, London, to visit medically-trained facialist Renee Lapino and try out Secret RF, a novel fractional radiofrequency micro-needling treatment from Cutera.

What’s the secret to tighter and better looking skin? Can one treatment really target fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and photoaging at the same time as tightening, with minimal discomfort or recovery time? As we age the quality of our skin diminishes. It becomes duller and more sallow and loses its vibrancy and elasticity. Sun damage causes discoloration and wrinkling, while the breaking down of collagen causes everything to sag. Demand for treatments which improve skin texture and appearance without significant downtime are on the rise. I went to visit London skin guru Renée Lapino at the Renée Lapino Clinic in Belgravia to try Cutera’s Secret RF treatment and find out.

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Let’s talk about… Marginal Gains in tweakments

The marginal gains theory – in tweakments. Having a series of small procedures can add up to big overall improvements in your face, says Alice Hart-Davis



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Today I’m talking about marginal gains in tweakments. Marginal gains? Well, what I mean is that a lot of the time,  people ask, ‘How much difference will this one procedure that I want to try really make?’

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Does microneedling hurt?

Microneedling isn’t as painful a tweakment as you might imagine. Fresher, stronger, clearer skin is worth a bit of discomfort, says Alice Hart-Davis

microneedling (alternative)

I don’t want to put you off this brilliant treatment but… yes, it’s not the most comfortable, though the amount it hurts depends on how it’s done. There are two ways of microneedling – you can either have a spiky roller, or a motorised pen with an oscillating tip which zings in and out about a hundred times a second – so fast that your practitioner can glide it across the face.

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Let’s talk about… Acne Scarring

How can you treat acne scarring effectively, Alice Hart-Davis discusses the benefits of treating acne scars with skincare and tweakments.

When you’re left with scars after the acne breakouts have retreated, what are your best options for treatment, and which ones will give the best results? 
This video will give you a quick overview of the options – and there’s a heap more information on my website, plus a free downloadable fact sheet with all the detail of everything I thought you might find useful.

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Let’s talk about… Pigmentation

How do you begin to tackle pigmentation in the skin, and which tweakments work best on hyperpigmentation? Alice Hart-Davis runs us through the options.

Pigmentation is right up the top of the list of things that bother us about our skin – particularly for anyone with darker skin. It’s a big old topic and a very widespread issue – but the good news is that there is a lot that you can do about it. Watch the video for a taster, and download the fact sheet all about pigmentation to get into all the detail. 

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Tweak of the Week: Microneedling with SkinPen Precision

Microneedling sounds scary, but what does it actually involve? Alice tries the SkinPen Precision treatment.

Clinical microneedling is an increasingly popular treatment for all round improvement of the skin. Needling stimulates the wound-healing response in the skin, which results in the growth of new collagen which makes skin firmer, and improves skin hydration and reduces pigmentation and sun damage. It’s good for the face, the hands, and also for the neck and décolletage area.

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What is collagen banking?

Collagen banking – what is it and why is it important? Alice Hart-Davis tells all.

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If you’ve heard the phrase ‘collagen banking’, you may be wondering what on earth it means. Can you ‘bank’ your collagen? And how do you grow your supplies? Once we’re over 30, we have to put in a bit of work to stop the levels of collagen – the protein that keeps our skin firm – dwindling as far as nature intends it to. How? Watch the video to find out.

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The recipe for a fresher face

The recipe for a fresher face

HEADSHOTS_ALICEHARTDAVIES_TWEAKMENTSGUIDE_FRIDAY15THFEBRUARY20191787-e1559649856673-1200x1200In this post – and in this video – I talk about how we are all hoping to make our faces look fresher – but what if you don’t know what’s out there or where to start?

Putting together a treatment plan

How do you put tweakments together into a treatment plan? 

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