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Let’s Talk About… Marionette Lines

Skincare can’t really help marionette lines, says Alice Hart-Davis. Tweakments will do the job – and these are the ones that work for her.

I’m getting a lot of questions about marionette lines at the moment — the lines that drop from the outer corners of our mouths straight down towards our chin. Maybe that’s because we’re all more gloomy than usual during lockdown, and are catching sight of this in the mirror? 

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5 common misconceptions about anti-wrinkle injections

Five of the most common myths about anti-wrinkle injections and Botox, along with why they’re false claims.

It’s easy to understand why people are nervous about getting anti-wrinkle injections such as Botox. After all, botulinum toxin Type A, to give it its proper name, is derived from a nerve poison; and yes, if it is badly done, it can look awful. But there’s a lot of information out there about Botox and other anti-wrinkle injections that ISN’T true. Here are five myths, busted.  

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TOTW: Ep 7, Lifting the face with Ultracel, with Dr Rita Rakus

Tweak of the Week: Ultracel Can sound waves be focused into energy that tighten and lift the face? Alice Hart-Davis visits Dr Rita Rakus to find out.

DR RITA RAKUS ultracel 3

How can ultrasound waves be used to lift and tighten the face? For this week’s Tweak of the Week I’m visiting Dr Rita Rakus at her clinic in Knightsbridge to learn about Ultracel, which uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to tighten the collagen, lift the skin and stimulate new collagen growth.

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7 celebrities who have had anti-wrinkle injections

Which celebs actually admit to having anti wrinkle injections or Botox? Tweakments expert Alice Hart-Davis rounds up the evidence

We’re all fascinated by what tweakments celebrities have had and most of them are very cagey about admitting that they have ever had anti wrinkle injections. Many of them fall into a category I’d call “the Botox deniers”. What does that mean?

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Tweak of the week: the thread lift

Tweak of the Week: Thread lifts are popular – but how do they work? Alice Hart-Davis watches Dr Victoria Manning demonstrate a Silhouette Soft thread lift

Thread lift Silhouette Soft 5-1

When your face is starting to sag, but you’re not ready for a face lift, which tweakment can bridge the gap?

Increasingly, cosmetic doctors are offering thread lifts as an ‘in-between’ procedure. These take a very different and more direct approach to rejuvenation from wrinkle-relaxing toxins and shaping and volumising fillers. 

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TOTW: full face rejuvenation with longer-lasting injectable filler

Dr Martin Kinsella uses a longer-lasting injectable filler called Ellanse to demonstrate a full-face rejuvenation treatment at his clinic in Hale, Cheshire

So, what do you do when you look at your face and feel that it’s not just a question of softening the odd line or two – but that everything needs fixing? Well, if you were up for it, and didn’t mind needles and had the budget, you could opt for full-face enhancement Continue reading “TOTW: full face rejuvenation with longer-lasting injectable filler”

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What is a Skin Peel?

What is a skin peel and how is it performed? What are the results of a skin peel?

iS Clinical_ Fire & Ice Resurfacing Treatment

Skin peels sound drastic, but they are now a much gentler kind of treatment than they used to be. A skin peel or chemical peel is a deep exfoliation which is done using ingredients such as glycolic acid or lactic acid (rather than, say, a Continue reading “What is a Skin Peel?”

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Tweak of the Week – see tweakments in action!

Coming soon – Tweak of the Week! An insider’s look at what goes on behind closed doors in tweakment clinics up and down the country.

Businesswoman hands holding white card sign with coming soon text message isolated on grey wall office background. Retro instagram style image

I’m really excited to announce the upcoming launch of my new video series, Tweak of the Week. As you know, part of our mission at The Tweakments Guide is to make sure that you know as much as possible about all the tweakments out there before making any decisions about moving towards treatment. But all the information in the world can’t substitute for the experience of being in a clinic and watching a procedure being done – and that’s where Tweak of the Week comes in.

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TTG x Healthista – new series

Dr Tracy Mountford of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic discusses CoolSculpting fat freezing with Alice Hart-Davis of The Tweakments Guide and www.Healthista.com

Dr Tracy Mountford and Alice Hart-Davis at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic in Devonshire Place, London 

I’m delighted to be starting a new collaboration with Healthista, the health channel for women, talking about tweakments and interviewing top doctors and surgeons about which procedures do what. 

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Can Profhilo injections soften neck wrinkles?

Can Profhilo injections soften neck wrinkles?


Softening neck wrinkles from the inside out sounds like science fiction, but that’s what I’ve had done here, with the latest ‘moisture jab’ injections. There’s hasn’t been much that you can do for a crepey neck – apart from

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