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Delivery Club Terms & Conditions

The Delivery Club is a subscription service for a bundle of skin-boosting supplements with payment taken monthly for the duration of the initial subscription period. When the initial subscription period ends, the contract will continue on a rolling monthly basis until cancelled in accordance with the terms and conditions below.

Bundle Contents

Each month you will receive a bundle containing:

  1. 1x Totally Derma Tub (RRP ££105)
  2. 1x Altrient-C Liposomal Vitamin C (RRP £44.50)
  3. 1x OG Omega-3 Plus (RRP £40)
  4. An extra gift from Alice


Payment is accepted by credit/debit card only. The first payment will be taken when you complete checkout. After that, it will be taken on or around the same date every month for the duration of your initial subscription period. Once the initial subscription period has finished, payments will continue to be taken each month until cancellation by either party.

Dispatch & Delivery

Your bundle will be dispatched on a monthly basis on the same date as your initial subscription date, if it is a working day. Otherwise, it will be dispatched on the next working day.

For example, if you first subscribe on the 15th January, payment will be taken on the 15th of every month if it is a working day and dispatch will be made once payment has been received—this is usually the same day, but can take up to two days.

All bundles are sent by 48-hour delivery.


The cost of your subscription depends on how long you subscribe for. The pricing structure is as follows:

Initial Subscription Period Monthly Cost
1 month (rolling contract) £190.00
3 months £170.00
6 months £161.00

Your monthly charge will not change for the duration of your initial subscription period. If you are on a rolling monthly contract (either because you opted for this to start with or your initial subscription period has ended) The Tweakments Guide reserves the right to increase or decrease the price of the monthly charge.

If you are on a 3- or 6-month subscription after the initial subscription period ends, the price you pay each month will change to the current price applicable to your original subscription tier.


When your initial subscription period ends, the contract automatically continues on a rolling monthly basis and may be subject to price changes. This can be cancelled at any time after the end of the initial subscription period in accordance with the cancellation procedure below.

If you wish to renew for another period and lock in at the then current price, please email [email protected] to request renewal with your name, address, and your desired subscription length.


You may cancel at any time following the expiry of your initial subscription period by emailing [email protected]. If you request to cancel less than 10 days before the next payment date, you will be charged and receive the next bundle, after which your subscription will be cancelled.

Cancellation is not possible within the initial subscription period except where required by law.

Cooling-off Period

Your statutory right to a cooling-off period means that you can cancel the subscription within 14 days of receiving the first bundle. The first bundle will be refunded if it is returned to The Tweakments Guide (postage and packaging to be paid for by the customer) unopened and unused in accordance with our Returns Policy. If the bundle has been opened, we will still honour cancellation for the remainder of your initial subscription period but you will not receive a refund for the first bundle.


The subscription is non-transferable.

If your address changes, you must inform us at [email protected] 10 days before your next bundle payment date. The Tweakments Guide cannot accept liability or responsibility for any non-delivery where you have not informed us of a change of address.

This contract is governed by the law of England and Wales and any disputes arising under this contract will fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of England.


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