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Injectable Moisturisers in Manchester

Photo of tram in Manchester city centre

Applying moisturiser to the outside of your face is one thing – but imagine if you could apply that moisturiser to the inside of your skin, and keep it there, working away to hydrate and nourish your skin from within, for six to nine months. That’s the idea – and the proven concept – behind injectable moisture treatments (a.k.a. Skinboosters). It’s one of the rare tweakments that not only suits everyone who tries it – men as well as women, the younger — 35+ — patient as well as much older people, but which everyone loves enough to happily talk about it, and what it has done for them. Yes, it requires injections, but only a few of them, depending on which brand of injectable moisturiser you choose.

The product that is injected is a kind of runny gel made from hyaluronic acid — a naturally occurring ingredient which our skin knows how to use — which, once it is in place, spreads out from its original injection site within the skin and goes to work. What does it do? As well as hydrating the skin, which enables the skin to function better, the product stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastic, so over the next couple of months, you should see softer, smoother, firmer skin. So how do you get it right with this treatment? As with any other tweakment, I would recommend that you do your research and find a really good, experienced practitioner. There are many in the Manchester area who are experts with injectable moisture injections, and some of them are mentioned right here. There are plenty of others listed on my website if you want to look for others in your precise area.


Among many other things, the city of Manchester is one of the UK’s top retail destinations, boasting a wealth of high-end shops on King Street and Deansgate, as well as a Selfridges and Harvey Nichols on Exchange Square and the sprawling Trafford Centre a little further out of town. Something I’ve noticed over the years is that where there’s high-end retail, tweakments are never far behind, and this is never more true than in Manchester. Outside of London, the Manchester area contains the greatest number of tweakment clinics in the whole of the UK. It’s not just high numbers either, the quality here is fantastic, with some of the top practitioners in the country working out of the Manchester area, catering to patients from not only the city, but neighbouring centres such as Stockport, Sale, Bury and Bolton, too. Make sure to only use a practitioner who has extensive training and professional qualifications behind them, though—there are clinics out there run by cowboys and cowgirls just looking to make a quick buck, and their lack of training can lead to disastrous consequences. Some of the best practitioners in and around Manchester are listed below.



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