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We are a private CQC registered dermatology clinic for adults and children on London’s Harley Street. Our Dermatologists all have NHS experience and can treat a wide variety of skin conditions. With our expert and discreet staff, you will experience the best of care.


Dr Haus Treatments

Dr Haus Dermatology can treat many types of skin conditions and problems, with proven and safe techniques. Depending on your individual needs, we will suggest a treatment or combination of treatments, that will produce the best outcome for you.

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A consultation with Dr Haus costs £440 (£200 deposit on booking) which can be deducted from the cost of aesthetic treatments.. A consultation with another senior member of our fantastic team will cost £50, which will be offset against any subsequent treatment.

Dr Haus has been named Top Dermatologist by the Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide in 2019, 2021 and again in 2023!

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The Clinic

Dr Ariel Haus and his hand-picked team of dermatologists are widely recognised as a centre of excellence for a range of medical and aesthetic skin treatments carried out in their beautiful Harley Street clinic.

“I’ve had the pleasure of receiving toxin and other treatments at Dr Haus at 75 Harley Street. The practice is exquisitely beautiful, and the entire team are simply wonderful. Every visit leaves me happy and satisfied. Dr Haus is an incredibly talented professional, making the experience truly exceptional. Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch treatments in a stunning setting.”

“Dr Haus is my top recommendation for anyone seeking exceptional skincare. The clinic boasts a stunning location and a team of outstanding professionals. From the beautiful clinic atmosphere to the incredible staff and sophisticated skincare products, every aspect is top-notch. I first visited in 2017, and since then, I haven’t trusted my skin to anyone else.”

Medical Dermatology Consultaiton

Our Private Dermatologists can diagnose and treat infections and diseases affecting the skin, hair or nails.

Depending on the needs of the individual patient, they may prescribe medication, recommend a course of treatment in the clinic,or else investigate your condition further by carrying out blood tests or skin biopsies. Common conditions that we see every week in the clinic are adult and teenage acne, concerns over hair loss, fungal infections, mole checks and mole removal, rosacea or facial flushing, skin rashes as well as chronic conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

At Dr Haus Dermatology we are experienced providers of treatments for laser skin rejuvenation.  In our Harley Street clinic, we have been using ablative and non-ablative lasers to improve the skin of our patient’s for nearly 15 years.  We have many different laser platforms with literally dozens of different protocols that we use every day of the week.  We can provide laser therapy on all skin types including for people with dark skin.

Many people come to us seeking help to improve sun damage on their face and hands. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun will slowly cause the skin on your face and hands to age prematurely and it can also cause hyperpigmentation.  Laser therapy is excellent for improving skin which has been damaged by the sun.

Laser treatment to improve skin texture, fine lines, and wrinkles, is also something that we offer.  Another condition that responds very effectively to laser are thread veins or spider veins.  These are just some examples of the ways in which laser therapy can be used to improve the skin.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

At our Dermatology Clinic on Harley Street London, we offer consultations and treatments to improve face lines and wrinkles.

While the specific treatment recommended will vary from person to person, a good option for many will be botox injections containing Botulinum Toxin Type A.  This prescription only medicine is often called Botox, or even Baby Botox for short.  However, Botox is also the brand name of a specific Botulinum Toxin type A product. In our clinic we use Botox and other brands.  We also offer a wide range of dermal filler treatments, as well as other newer types of injectables such as Profhilo and Polynucleotides.


Pigmentation or Uneven Skin Tone

Skin hyperpigmentation covers a broad spectrum of concerns, and its treatment is one of the most common reasons for visits to our London dermatology clinic.  Hyperpigmentation can be defined as a darkening of the skin from its regular baseline colour, from whatever cause.

It may occur in the form of diffuse, generalised skin darkening or localised spots or patches.  It can occur in people of different skin colour, skin type and skin texture.

While usually this does not pose any serious medical threat, hyperpigmentation causes anxiety, and can be extremely upsetting.

At Dr Haus Dermatology we understand the concerns that pigmentation changes can cause and will devise a bespoke treatment plan to provide the best results.

Ultherapy Skin Tightening 

Ultherapy is a solution for loose skin on the face, neck and décolletage. Also sometimes called Ulthera, it delivers skin lifting and skin tightening without surgery.

It is excellent to lift the brow area of the upper face to improve hooded eyes, as well as the jowls or cheeks of the lower face. Ultherapy can also tighten loose neck skin, to give you a non-surgical neck lift.

Finally, Ultherapy can smooth the lines and wrinkles on the sensitive skin of the décolletage or chest.

At Dr Haus Dermatology we have been performing Ultherapy treatments for many years and the Daily Mail have referred to Dr Haus as one of the UK’s experts for this skin tightening treatment.