Dr Julia Sevi

Aesthetic Health is one of the UK’s leading aesthetic and anti-ageing clinics. Our highly experienced and attentive team, led by Dr Julia Sevi, provide a scientific yet holistic approach to medical aesthetics, regeneration and health.

Our patients are at the heart of all that we do; giving you assurance in the Aesthetic Health Experience and its unique multidimensional approach. We are particular and precise; bespoke treatment plans are designed to safely deliver the desired results in the most natural ways, whilst ensuring that you are comfortable and at ease throughout your entire journey.

Our Director Dr Julia Sevi has over 25 years experience in integrated and anti-ageing medicine, founding Aesthetic Health in 2008 to create a dedicated environment in which to provide her unique multi-dimensional approach.

She is a global key opinion leader, speaker and trainer with a particular focus on regenerative medical aesthetic treatments, micro-focused ultrasound and scar resolution, establishing FaceForward Foundation to provide and research the treatment of scars.

At Aesthetic Health we combine advanced science with innovative anti-ageing medicine to offer the latest aesthetic treatments that focus on stimulating your body’s natural powers of regeneration and repair, optimising your health both inside and out.

We firmly believe in treating the underlying cause rather than simply “papering over cracks”, ensuring you patients attain natural-looking, long-lasting results without appearing “worked on”.

We apply this philosophy to every procedure we offer, from dealing with teenage skin issues to a comprehensive range of anti-ageing treatments for the face and body. Each treatment programme is tailor-made specifically for you designed following our exclusive consultation. We pride ourselves on meeting your unique needs and expectations – whether you are undergoing a simple peel, more complex medical aesthetic injections or lifestyle and hormonal anti-aging support.

In addition to exceptional clinical care, delivered with meticulous attention to detail, our hand-picked and talented team create a luxurious experience, enabling you to feel nurtured and supported throughout.