Dr Pradnya Apte

Dr Pradnya Apte BDS is a Harley Street trained aesthetic practitioner with extensive experience in dentistry and cosmetic procedures. She founded the Skin Southwest clinic in Exeter to provide facial rejuvenation procedures such as skin tightening, Silhouette Soft® threads, Ellanse® collagen stimulating fillers, as well as results-driven, award-winning skincare. Dr Pradnya also has a clinic at 52 Harley Steet, London for non-surgical treatments.

Dr Pradnya is a GDC registered Dentist that has been practising facial Aesthetics for the last 12 years. She has a very busy and successful practice in Exeter which she opened in 2015. She then opened her second Clinic at London Bridge followed by her latest Clinic at 52 Harley Street in May 2019. She offers full face rejuvenation including her trademarked treatment, the ‘rejuvalift’ which is a full combined approach to facial aesthetics, the main components of which are Silhouette Soft® threads and Ellanse®, a collagen stimulating filler.

She is also known as ‘The Lip Dentist’ as she has an uncanny way of creating a natural augmentation of the lips and has treated hundreds of lips. She is best known for natural results that her patients receive in her skilled hands as she approached the face from all angles especially when she looks at patients profiles which she can improve just with a needle in her hand!

Save Face

Tweakments Offered

Dr Pradnya Apte has been practising for 12 years and offers the following Tweakments: