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How to Find a Practitioner

There are more practitioners offering tweakments than ever before – so whom do you trust? Before you go any further, I recommend you read my article Staying Safe. This explores some of the current issues surrounding tweakment regulation and explains what all those accreditations mean. Your safety is the single most important consideration and a crucial starting point when choosing a practitioner. Once you’ve got to grips with that, just use the filters above to find a practitioner for your desired tweakment.

The practitioners I have listed below are the ones I would trust to perform tweakments on me personally. In many cases that’s because they’ve treated me before. Others have either treated a fellow expert whose opinion I trust or passed the stringent requirements of a specialised certification board such as BCAM. Many of these practitioners aren’t the cheapest, but that’s because they’re the best. Like any procedure, tweakments can go wrong if poorly performed – so it’s well worth paying more for quality care.