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Dr Ana Mansouri

Dr Ana is the lead aesthetic doctor at Kat & Co Aesthetics; a CQC registered multi-award winning cosmetic surgery clinic located in Birmingham’s premier medical district. Dr Ana is passionate about aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology. Her signature approach is gentle “tweakments” to achieve natural and elegant results enhancing each of her patient’s unique features. She is a firm believer in the value of providing holistic aesthetic assessments and takes pride in her thorough approach to patient safety and standard of care.

BAD - British Association of Dermatologists

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Kat & Co Aesthetics
20 Calthorpe Road, Edgbaston
B15 1RP

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This review is regarding Dr Ana Mansouri. I experienced a botched lip filler procedure in December 2018 with another practitioner at a different company. A lot of the filler product had not depleted as time passed and the remnants had become very stiff. A lot of the product had migrated into my upper lip and some remnants had coagulated at the rim of my upper lip.

I went to see Dr Mansouri in July 2020 because I wanted to have everything dissolved. Dr Mansouri had a detailed conversation with me about how she would be able help me. Her clinic room was very clean and organised and she was very diligent with regards to wearing gloves and general patient safety. She also took a lot of time to explain any risks. After the procedure, duty of care was given to me as I was asked to wait within a separate waiting area outside of her office for about one hour – this was to ensure that I would not leave the premises until Dr Mansouri was sure that I was not displaying signs of any immediate allergic reactions. Dr Mansouri also gave me aftercare advice and a direct number incase I experienced any issues. I was able to return the following week for a check-up.

My face looks very nice now and there is no unusual fake appearance. With Dr Ana Mansouri, you’ll be in safe hands with an actual experienced registered medical doctor who is licenced to handle certain products and the overall environment will be safe in case you need any additional assistance. I spoke with Dr Mansouri a few months later to ask her thoughts on me re-visiting fillers again. She was very ethical and advised me that my face does not need any work. I know other practitioners would have accepted the conversation as an opportunity to earn more money, but Dr Mansouri does not work on this basis. She is very ethical and honest. She will give you advice that is subjective to your individual beauty. Layla

As a 57-year-old female who has always taken care with her appearance, I have tried a number of practitioners for Botox and fillers over the years with a variety of results. I have always requested a very natural look, preferring a little and often approach as I hate for the results to look too obvious.
Well after 15 years I’ve found a Doctor who not only listens, but achieves the desired results too!

Dr Ana is superb. Two weeks after my visit for baby Botox, I have a very natural forehead – no Spock eyebrows or tight shiny forehead! I can even move my brows, always a giveaway when ‘frozen’.

I hated the fine lines around my mouth, which I felt was not only ageing, but made me look a bit stressed and grumpy. With Dr Ana’s expert hand (and lots of numbing cream!) these lines were treated with a fine filler (I wasn’t aware of the different types of fillers to suit different areas before) and even a tiny amount within the lip (I trusted Dr Ana on this one). Now I again have a nice shape to my mouth.. that doesn’t suddenly look full or fake, just soft and very natural, as it looked five years ago.

I have already booked for my next Botox top up in June, plus I’m going to try a little filler around my cheek bones. Having slightly uneven cheekbones following an accident many years ago, this is something I’d always hoped for and now know I can trust Dr Ana implicitly for a very natural look. Not the cheapest, but who wants to look cheap! You really do get what you pay for. LG


Everyone at Kat & Co are very friendly and welcoming. I have had the fine vertical lines above my lips treated and my lips defined and Dr Ana was spot on with the amount of filler and technique she used to create a very natural look. I am delighted with the results and would highly recommend her. JD

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