Dr Ariel Haus

Dr Haus Dermatology, run by Dr Ariel Haus, is a private dermatology clinic for adults and teenagers on Harley Street. We are also a centre of excellence for body treatments.

Dr Haus and his team of hand-picked colleagues have the right experience to help you achieve personal objectives for the skin and body, and can treat skin based medical and cosmetic issues. They cater to every patient’s unique and individual needs. All patients receive a thorough consultation, at which point the treating doctor or practitioner will take the time to fully understand the specific health concerns. The doctor will then discuss with all possible options, before agreeing on a bespoke treatment plan. They believe that the best results often come from taking a long-term approach to our patients’ care.

BAD - British Association of Dermatologists

Tweakments Offered

Dr Ariel Haus has been practising for 13 years and offers the following tweakments: