Dr Clare Quinn

Dr Clare Quinn LDS RCS (Eng) has a wealth of experience in the aesthetics industry and a gentle, approachable demeanour that puts you at ease the moment you walk into her clinic, Dentelle. Clare’s ethical rigour is second to none – she goes the extra mile to make sure you understand your treatment options and will be completely honest with you if she thinks that the treatment you have requested isn’t the right one for you. With Clare, you can always be sure that she is acting in your best interests.
Backed up by a fantastic team who can help you develop and maintain a skincare regime that’s just right for you – allowing you to keep your skin healthy and looking fresh all year round – the clinic also offers a unique VIP membership scheme, giving clients discounts on skincare products and pamper treatments throughout the year.

Clare founded Dentelle Aesthetic Skin Solutions in 2014 in order to help you “be the best version of yourself”. The clinic favours a light touch (‘Dentelle’ is French for ‘lace’) and provides gentle treatment to achieve natural-looking results. With over 25 years’ experience in dentistry, Clare has an incredibly detailed knowledge of facial anatomy. She transitioned into aesthetic medicine in 2006 and made it her full-time focus in 2014 when she opened Dentelle. Clare holds multiple certifications in muscle-relaxing injectables, non-permanent dermal fillers, and skin rejuvenating microneedling. There is a strong focus on training at the clinic and the staff are well-versed on the latest developments, techniques and therapies that can help you achieve the look you want.

Dentelle advocates a holistic approach to skin care that goes beyond simply treating the specific concern that first brings you into the clinic.  Good skin care starts at home and Dentelle provides a range of scientifically proven skin care products, supported with specialist supplements and natural mineral makeup, to ensure that your skin gets the treatment it deserves every day. Combined with regular maintenance therapies and other tweakments – with or without needles – this approach helps you retain your skin’s youthful glow for longer.

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Tweakments Offered

Dr Clare Quinn has been practising for 13 years and offers the following tweakments: