Dr Frances Prenna Jones

Dr Frances Prenna Jones has been a qualified medical doctor for the last 25 years. After training for ten years as a doctor of internal medicine, she refocussed her career by studying skin and ‘age maintenance’, becoming one of the UK’s most sought-after cosmetic anti-ageing doctors.

Dr Prenna Jones believes that if you look better on the outside, you function better on the inside and, therefore, the synergy between external and internal ageing is of the utmost importance to her. Dr Prenna Jones’ approach to initial consultation is a holistic general assessment of the patient’s skin, body, lifestyle and attitude, creating individual plans of action to achieve patients’ desired results.

Aside from this, her extremely honest, upfront and straight-talking approach with patients engenders a rapport of trust. Dr Prenna Jones has her patient’s best interests at heart and demonstrates this by advising them on what innovative treatments they need but by also telling them when they need to stop.

Dr Prenna Jones has also created her own range of results-driven skincare products, having built her own manufacturing and research & development factory in Dorset. She mixes and creates all of her own formulas with ingredients of the highest standards, and all of her products work together to create a program tailored to individual client needs. Her patients have become loyal advocates both of her work and her skincare brand.

BCAM - British College of Aesthetic Medicine

Tweakments Offered

Dr Frances Prenna Jones has been practising for 20 years and offers the following tweakments: