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Facial Sculpting
11a W Halkin Street

Awards & Accolades

'Best Aesthetic Facial Sculpting Specialist' winner at the Private Healthcare Awards 2021, Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2018, 'Most Outstanding Facial Sculpting Treatments' winner at Global Excellence Award 2020,

Dr Nina Bal

Cosmetic Dentist

Years of Practice: 16

Dr Nina Bal is a Cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Advanced Facial Aesthetics Clinician. For over 12 years, Dr Nina has been specialising and practising facial aesthetic enhancements. She is known for her facial sculpting and full-face holistic assessment and treatments. Dr Nina's services include skin consultations, restorative cosmetic dentistry, facial aesthetic treatments, non-surgical cosmetic procedures and non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments. She is a member of the General Dental Council, IAFFA and JCCP.

After graduating in 2008 and completing a one-year Postgraduate in Cosmetic Dentistry and Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry in London, Dr Nina has more than 12 years of experience looking after the cosmetic needs of thousands of patients. Dr Nina carries extensive knowledge within the beauty industry. Her most recent accomplishment was winning the 2021 Private Healthcare award for Best Aesthetics Facial Sculpting Specialist.

Throughout all her work for Facial Sculpting, Dr Nina has retained a passion for enhancing a client’s innate beauty. She is a firm believer in the “less is more” philosophy and has just launched her first product from her upcoming skincare line.

For many clients, attending the clinic is the first step in investing in ourselves. Dr Nina easily builds a rapport with her clients from the first consultation to the end and delivers amazing results.

Dr Nina has offered her expertise on several television programmes such as Body Fixers, This Morning, BBC News, and has featured in articles like Forbes and Tatler.


I highly recommend Dr Nina. Extremely caring, professional and skilled. I had jawline definition done with her: the procedure went very smoothly and the result has been impressive (and looking very natural)! I left the clinic feeling very happy and confident in my new look. Thank you Dr Nina!

From the outset Dr Nina’s staff were extremely helpful. Nothing was too much trouble.
I have to admit I was a tiny bit nervous about the procedure but Dr. Nina greeted me with such a warm and friendly welcoming that my nerves instantly disappeared – (even under all the PPE I could still see her smiling eyes and voice)
During the Endolift procedure my eyes were completely covered and I was in the dark, but Dr. Nina explained what she was doing throughout, and was constantly checking I was comfortable. The procedure was completely painless.
When I read that you could ‘go straight back to work’ and that there was ‘no downtime’ With the Endolift I didn’t quite believe that would be the case – but honestly the procedure and aftercare have been so straightforward it’s been quite amazing. All I need now is a time machine so I can fast forward 6 months (as that’s when the treatment is best appreciated). I literally can’t wait!!
Highly recommend the treatment. And recommending Dr Nina…well, that goes without saying! She is fantastic!
I’d love to see Dr. Nina again as I know I’d be in safe hands.

Fillers are not only a precise science but also an art form. Dr Nina Bal is an excellent doctor, who deeply understands skin and facial structure to administer fillers in a safe way which produces beautiful results. Thoroughly delighted with my results.



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