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Dr Rasha Rakhshani

Dr. Rasha Rakhshani is one of London’s most highly regarded cosmetic doctors with an impressive global patient following. The Dr Rasha Clinic, situated in the heart of London’s Mayfair opened its doors in April 2019, quickly establishing itself as a hidden gem in the alluring Shepherd Market piazza. The clinic’s mission is to ensure that every patient leaves with a renewed sense of confidence and newfound self-appreciation. This is achieved through a combination of Dr Rasha’s bespoke and beautifully natural results, teamed with a dedicated team wholly focused on patient care. The clinic offers an extensive menu of non-invasive aesthetic procedures and advanced facials, each accompanied with bespoke tailoring to meet individual clients’ expectations.

Years practicing: 13

Dr Rasha Rakhshani is one of London’s most highly regarded cosmetic doctors with an impressive global patient following.

After graduating from Kuwait University’s medical school, Dr Rasha returned to Sydney, Australia where she graduated with a Master’s from the University of New South Wales. It was in Sydney that Dr Rasha marked the beginning of her illustrious career, pursuing her considerable experience across internal medicine, surgery, and dermatology within the skin clinic, which is so evident in her practice today.

In 2015, Dr Rasha relocated to the United Kingdom to enhance her expertise in general medicine. It was during this time when Dr Rasha discovered her clear, unwavering passion for aesthetic medicine, regarding this field of medicine as her true calling.

Dr Rasha is a true artist by nature, she truly believes that cosmetic medicine is not only a science but primarily an art form. It is the combination of Dr Rasha’s wealth of experience and her unique, artistic approach to aesthetic medicine that has led to her becoming one of the most sought-out cosmetic doctors for truly individual, beautiful results.

Dr Rasha Clinic
9 Shepherd Market

Website and Email
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Firstly I’d like to thank the overall clinic team, I felt comfortable immediately they’ve made my experience amazing from beginning to end and follow up communication. Secondly thank you to Dr Rasha she understands the pain points I was living with day to day and worked alongside me to reach the goal I wanted. She followed up with me after appointments which has made me in awe of her work even more. Thank you to the team & Dr Rasha.

When I met Dr Rasha I was terrified by needles and I was very skeptical about aesthetics treatments. My main worry was to not feel myself anymore.
Dr Rasha is able to listen, understand and then tailor the treatment. Her firm hands and reassuring approach allowed me to go beyond my fear for needles.
I had toxins and some fillers to reach a more youthful look and shape a bit my lips. I’ve never been feeling so well looking at my face, nobody noticed anything different except some freshness and this is what I wanted. The doctor was great at enhancing the unique natural beauty of my face and this is what makes her an artist.

An excellent clinic wi​th the best, in my opinion, doctor. Very informative and professional. She gave a very honest consultation which gave me confidence in doing procedures with her. I am absolutely delighted! I got many procedures done there: anti-wrinkle Treatment, chemical peels. The quality of the services provided, and, most importantly, the result, got me 100% satisfied!!!

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