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Temple Clinic
6 West Craibstone Street
AB11 6DL


BCAM - British College of Aesthetic Medicine

Awards & Accolades

Best Cosmetic Doctor - Scotland's Medical Cosmetic Awards 2016/2017, Best Aesthetic Clinic - Scotland

Dr Sam Robson

Cosmetic Doctor

Years of Practice: 20

Dr Sam Robson MBCHB MRCGP is a highly respected and experienced practitioner who has been practising aesthetic medicine since 2004. Dr Robson has recognised the main causes of low morale and self-esteem as problematic skin, premature ageing and obesity. Her treatments aim to address these problems, creating amazing results and positivity for all her patients.

KOL Ambasador: Temple Vie, Lustre

Dr Robson is the medical director at Temple Clinic, a multi-award-winning clinic based in Aberdeen, and was awarded Best Cosmetic Doctor of the year in 2017. Dr Robson is currently an appraiser for BCAM and is dedicated to raising the standards and profile of the industry, which can be seen throughout her work. She is passionate about evidence-based practice and uses scientifically proven treatments in her clinical work, while actively involving herself in research and development of new technology and protocols to provide safe and effective treatments. Dr Robson’s specialist treatments include wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, weight management programmes and bio-identical hormones.

Dr Robson is described as ‘warm and wonderfully empathic’ and quick to identify with women who visit her clinic, providing consultations that not only restore one’s self-esteem but demystify the subject of ageing, and which are complemented by equally stealthy treatments. The core of her clinic’s success comes down to the amazing tight-knit team, who are all highly qualified, experienced and extremely committed to providing the highest standards of quality customer care with amazing results.

Temple Clinic, which has recently been accredited by ARAUK (Acne and Rosacea Association UK), has a dedicated problem skin clinic which specialises in treating acne. Temple Clinic adopts a holistic approach – it combines lifestyle advice along with clinically effective skincare products and treatments which can dramatically improve the health of the skin.


I had terrible, horrendous skin, especially after me just pricking/popping my breakouts. made an appointment because I was desperate and didn’t expect anything much but holy moly they saved me and my skin!! I couldn’t go out of the house much because I was so embarrassed and it took me so long to apply concealer but after going here, I can literally just wash my face, wear sunscreen and go out! thank you temple!

During lockdown last year I put on a few extra pounds and decided not to do the same this time round! I worked really hard on my nutrition/fitness and managed to get to a place where I felt comfortable and healthy. I had read a bit about ‘reverse dieting’, and the importance of building lean muscle whilst keeping an eye on my body fat, but unlike regular dieting, standing on the bathroom scales didn’t give me the baseline/information I wanted or needed.

I decided to contact Dr Sam at Temple Vie, and we discussed my journey so far and where I wanted to go and decided that the Inbody Assessment would fit the bill. I was absolutely delighted with the information it gave me on my current body composition – things such as body fat %, Lean Mass, Visceral Fat and BMR (accessible via an app on my smartphone should I wish to tweak my weekly workouts and nutrition). I now feel equipped to start towards my next health goals of becoming stronger and getting back to maintenance calories without adding body fat, thus meaning I can finally break the habit of yo-yo dieting once and for all!! I’ve booked a course of LPG as a treat to myself for all the hard work I’ve already done, and a follow-up Inbody Assessment in around 6-8 weeks’ time will keep me motivated and on course to meet my targets.

I highly recommend that you book a consultation with Dr Sam wherever you are on your quest for health. You won’t regret it.

Dr Sam Robson is extremely professional and provides a very client-centred consultation prior to any procedures. I felt that Sam really listened to what I wanted to achieve but also gave her own expert opinion as to what would look best. Would not even consider going elsewhere for my aesthetic treatments in the future.



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