Dr Tracey Bell

Dr Tracey Bell heads a group of dental and aesthetic medical clinics, established in 1993 and based in Liverpool and the Isle Of Man, providing all types of dental and aesthetic medical treatments based on evidence-backed results. Dr Bell is a perfectionist, a realist, a highly educated professional and a mother of six. Her clinics, staff and provision of treatments reflect her as an individual. Precision, no-nonsense, delivery and results and goals every single time. She is also a trustee of the JCCP.

The Dental And Aesthetic Medical Clinics are based in the Isle of Man and Liverpool. The team are experienced, open and honest, and discuss with you all options when considering treatment to suit your budget and needs. They have been established since 1993.

They endeavour to provide the most cutting-edge and innovative technology to provide fantastic, age-preventative treatments, and so much more. Their philosophy is that great health starts from within, so they seek to understand their clients’ wants and needs, and in doing so help them achieve the perfection they desire. Their greatest respect is for the patient’s autonomy, which means that you are ultimately in control of the treatments and provided.

The aesthetic medical and beauty team consist of dentists, doctors, and registered aestheticians. All at the clinics are qualified to discuss and inform you of all the basics and everything else they have to offer. From consultation to excellent aftercare, they ensure each client’s tailored journey is monitored every step of the way. You’ll find some great feedback at www.traceybell.co.uk.

The clinics provide a full range of non-surgical options including Botox®, dermal fillers, thread lifts and aesthetic treatments. Skin tightening and body treatments are provided using the latest in Ultherapy, Coolsculpting and Velashape treatments.

They also offer a full range of medical laser treatments including laser hair removal, sun damage treatment, treatment of thread veins and rosacea along with tattoo removal and more.

Their Skinscription range of skincare is a cosmeceutical based on skin conditions and used within the clinics – www.skinscription.com.

As Dr Bell says, “It’s not just about the physical change these treatments bring that makes this profession so gratifying; it’s the emotive beauty that is aroused through them. That spring in their step, that glint in the eye…that’s the biggest win for every patient.”

BDA - British Dental Association and JCCP - Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners

Tweakments Offered

Dr Tracey Bell has been practising for 25 years and offers the following tweakments: