Miss Jonquille Chantrey

Miss Jonquille Chantrey is a cosmetic surgeon at One Aesthetic Studio in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, accredited by BCAM. "As a clinic, we celebrate individuality on a deeper level, rather than just the whims of the surface, and look at the many other areas that help to make our patients feel better about themselves"

Accreditation: BCAM - British College of Aesthetic MedicineKOL Ambasador: AllerganYears practicing: 19

Miss Chantrey is a Global Opinion Leader for toxins Juvederm and Dr Obagi ZO medical skincare in the UK. Her work in international beauty, disfigurement and scarring has been highly peer acclaimed for over 10 years. Before her surgical training with the Royal College of Surgeons, she majored in Psychiatry which proved invaluable for empathising with patients’ concerns.

In 2018 she trained as a yoga teacher. Within her clinic she has developed a bespoke meditation and yoga studio, to cultivate improved self-worth both externally and internally.

Miss Chantrey believes in empowering others to reach their highest potential, irrelevant of their background or circumstances. Helping others to improve their self-worth confidence, relationships, careers and ultimately, their self-esteem and happiness.

Alderley Edge Clinic
One Aesthetic Studio
12 - 14 South St
Alderley Edge

London Clinic
Dr Jonquille Chantrey at Selfridges
400 Oxford Street

Website and Email
[email protected]


“I first went to see Jonquille over 10years ago hoping she could help me with scarring that was so affecting my confidence. Little did I know how much she would do for me and I can honestly say that she has changed everything for me. I will always be indebted to her.
Jonquille is the best of the best with an abundance of accolades in her field. Her skill is unquestionable. Her other “golden bullet” is herself, she is one of the kindest caring people I have ever met. At the heart of all she does, she really really cares and this is what sets her apart. Jonquille is simply one of life’s good people.

From a clinical perspective, she works wonders. I have not been the easiest of patients to treat but I really could not have asked for more. She has changed the way I feel about myself and that is priceless.

Ten years and counting, one of the best decisions I made was to make that first appointment, it’s been a life-changer. Thank you Jonquille.”

“Over the years I have used several aesthetic practitioners, with services ranging from the middle to high end. Seeing Dr Chantrey yesterday was a revelation. Her professionalism, knowledge and skill were truly quite outstanding. From the moment I set foot inside the clinic to the moment I left, I felt very at ease and most importantly, I did not feel pressured at any time, unlike in some past experiences, to do anything after the very thorough consultation with Dr Chantrey. I would also say that one of the most endearing aspects of meeting with Dr Chantrey was how understated she is and a genuinely lovely person. Highly recommended.”

“Dr Jonquille has been my doctor for over ten years now. During this time she has grown to be a world leader in her field. Always at the forefront, offering the latest techniques in aesthetics and with all the cutting edge equipment. The clinic is very professional and all the staff are highly trained. Her approach to my care has always been absolutely excellent. Her talent and skills are unquestionable.
More than this, she has always given me a great deal of time in consultation, before deciding upon any treatment plan. My results have always been outstanding and with a very natural look.
I feel very lucky to have had the best treatment and can’t recommend this outstanding doctor enough. Simply amazing!!!”


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