MediFacial Lounge

The MediFacial Lounge was developed to educate people on ways to prevent damage to their skin. By providing the best professional skin care solutions based on your skin’s actual needs, they can help you change the course of your skin health journey.
They’ll look at everything from UV damage to wrinkles, to red and brown spots, to pores, texture and bacteria. Based on the results, their skincare experts will recommend a plan to restore your skin to optimum condition. And what’s more, round off the experience with your choice of a free Perk™ Lip or Eye treatment (worth up to £49!) to start making changes before you even leave!

Using a combination of in-depth medical knowledge and the latest, cutting-edge, scientific diagnostic tool – the Canfield Visia 2D system – MediFacial Lounge’s skincare experts take a photograph (which you get to keep) and analyse your skin by comparing its characteristics against a database of thousands of other people of your age, sex and ethnicity. They then prepare an overall skin report unique to you and – based on your individual requirements – make recommendations on effective and affordable skincare plans and products that will work best to restore your skin to its optimum condition and provide real results that you can see in the mirror.

A MediFacial Experience uses complexion image technology – widely considered to be the best in the world – to look at your skin’s condition at a depth that is invisible to the human eye and examine eight separate characteristics including wrinkles, pores, skin tone, UV damage, brown spots, red areas, texture and porphyrins (bacteria in the pores).

Although a MediFacial Experience is beneficial for everyone, it is particularly useful for anyone who wants a medically led skincare routine for a specific skin concern or teenagers who are just getting to know their skin and need to start building a lifelong holistic relationship with it.

Tweakments Offered

MediFacial Lounge has been practising for 2 years and offers the following tweakments: