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Dr Tunc Tiryaki

Dr Tunc Tiryaki MD is a renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon who treats patients internationally at his clinics in Istanbul and London. The UK centre of Tiryaki Surgery was opened in 2015 in collaboration with the Cadogan Clinic as a centre for rejuvenescent and anti-ageing therapies, and plastic and cosmetic surgeries.
A pioneer in face-lift surgery and stem cell-based treatments, Dr Tiryaki has also developed his own outpatient procedure for nose reshaping and a facial endo-lifting method (micro-lift) for a less invasive facial rejuvenation process.

Years practicing: 25

Dr Tiryaki is a leading figure in the aesthetics industry. He is globally renowned for his minimally invasive procedures, particularly suspension techniques, micro-lifting and regenerative cell injections to generate youth. His clinics in London and Istanbul perform over 500 abdominoplasties, 750 rhinoplasties, 700 breast augmentations and mastoplasties, and about 800 non-invasive microsurgeries a year. Tiryaki Surgery partners with cell labs in stem cell therapy research and continues to be a leading centre of excellence for plastic and regenerative operations.

In London, the majority of Dr Tiryaki’s patients are treated with wrinkle-relaxing injections and fillers, fat transfers, stem cell regenerative applications, eyelid operations, suspensions,  micro-facelifts, and liposuction, which are either done under local anaesthetic or sedation. Surgeries such as abdominoplasty and breast augmentation are done under general anaesthetic.

Tiryaki Clinic in London has also welcomed conferences on stem cell applications for wellness and has hosted the launch of Dr Tiryaki’s book on ‘reverse abdominoplasty’ – the first book written on the unique technique developed by him.

Alice with Mr Tunc Tiryaki

Tiryaki Clinic
120 Sloane Street

Website and Email
[email protected]



“Years of expertise show in the results of my mini face lift. I went back 15 years minimum, much better than my expectations. My face looks fresh, skin rejuvenated, glowing from stem cell treatments, even my neck is higher without additional neck lift. Suturres healing very fast, well hidden inside the ear folds and behind and inside the hairline. I am extremely happy with how I look now, incredible.”

“Dr Tiryaki is most definitely a wonderful doctor. He knows his stuff so very well. I’m so happy that I met him and did my Mini FaceLift surgery with him. I would highly recommend him to everyone.”

“I was anxious, I did not want to look peculiar, strange or not me. My result is amazing. I look fresh, youthful and definitely 10 years younger (and me). I chose Dr Teriyaki because of the cutting-edge procedure he offers. I’m absolutely delighted with my result. I would say to anyone, go and have a consultation with him. His approach is unique to every individual face. He tailors what would be enhancing your face.”

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