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Mr Olivier Amar

"We all age but it is how we age that matters. Ageing does not always happen gradually. It can suddenly affect even the most beautiful person. So why wait until you need a face-lift when I can help you look your best every day?"
Mr Olivier Amar is a leading consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon who specialises in facial fat transfer and liposuction. With over 15 years of experience, Mr Amar is known for achieving great results and has contributed his expertise to pioneering the evolution of liposuction techniques.
Mr Amar is renowned for his minimally invasive techniques and his ability to deliver natural-looking results using the latest technology and methods.

Accreditation: BAPRAS - British Association of Plastic & Reconstructive SurgeonsKOL Ambasador: Sterimedix - GTI Cannula, Intraline - The Scar Kit, Biotherapy PRP and Bilhi Genetics DNA TestYears practicing: 20

Mr Amar began his medical career in 2006 at the Marseille University Hospital. Since then, he has earned an excellent reputation for his meticulous approach and attitude to his work. Mr Amar specialises in bespoke facial rejuvenation, body contouring, and breast enhancement, all performed as day surgery. As a master of refinement, his intelligent and sophisticated approach and use of unique and advanced techniques, have earned Mr Amar a long list of patients who trust his expertise and care. He believes in building long-standing relationships with his patients to ensure that their every concern is addressed. Mr Amar creates bespoke and integrated life plans for patients so he can identify and eliminate imperfections as they appear.

Outside of his work at his London clinic, Mr Amar’s passion for aesthetics extends to research-led work. He collaborates with the world’s leading surgeons to conduct studies and examine radical new rejuvenation techniques.

Mr Olivier Amar Practice
120 Sloane Street

Website and Email
[email protected]



“Mr Amar has provided an outstanding service in helping me with a facial scar and hyperpigmentation. I have been impressed by his dedication to obtain the best results for his clients; his knowledge of cutting edge methods and his high degree of skill as a surgeon. All of the procedures I have had with Mr Amar (including facial fat transfer) have resulted in little downtime.

Mr Amar takes his time in consultations to talk through options fully and has a calming affable manner, which puts patients at ease. With an artistic eye, Mr Amar has helped to ensure a natural looking result on my face and I’d highly recommend him to others.”

“I had my procedure a mini face lift and fat transfer and I am thrilled with the results. From the first consultation I had the upmost confidence in Mr Amar, he understood exactly what I was aiming for and explained everything that was going to happen putting my mind at ease. I absolutely recommend Mr Olivier Amar, such a skilled and talented surgeon who is easy to talk to and who completely understands the aesthetics of facial surgery.”

“After two kids and an intense period at work, I wanted to look younger and refreshed and went for nano fat transfer to the face and PRP and a few fillers. I think the results are very good, the right balance of a younger look, but without changing at all the natural touch. I also found Dr. Amar is very amicable, pleasant which is important when you are going to do something on your own body and gives you confidence. Staff is also very good. Highly recommended.”


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