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Dr Sarah Tonks

Dr Sarah Tonks, MSc, MBBS, BDS is one of London’s leading aesthetic doctors. As a dual-qualified dentist and doctor, she has a unique understanding of facial anatomy, as well as great knowledge of the head and neck from her time working in oral and maxillofacial surgery. At The Lovely Clinic based in Chelsea, Dr Tonks specialises in injectables and dedicates herself to putting the patient’s needs first. Having performed over 15,000 procedures, Dr Tonks offers her expertise with a dedication to delivering visual beauty on the outside and inner vitality on the inside.

Accreditation: BCAM - British College of Aesthetic MedicineKOL Ambasador: AllerganYears practicing: 16

After becoming a dentist in 2005, Dr Tonks explored her interest in medicine and soon qualified as a doctor. She opened The Lovely Clinic in 2013 and offers a unique perspective from her dual-qualified knowledge. Working with Dr Kishan Raichura and Mr Euan Mackinnon, The Lovely Clinic is one of the few clinics in London that offers treatments from three dual-qualified doctors. 

Dr Tonks is dedicated to offering a patient-centred approach to medical and cosmetic aesthetics. She is a firm believer in the power of minor treatments and their ability to make drastic changes to your appearance and self-esteem. 

Alongside her work at The Lovely Clinic, Dr Tonks also has a popular Youtube channel where she shares her broad expertise and shares her opinions on tweakments. Dr Tonks’ motivation in creating her online platform stemmed from the desire to counter the confusion from the public about various procedures. 

Throughout her work at her clinic, Dr Tonks is constantly looking to innovate and learn in order to deliver more effective results. The patient’s satisfaction is top of her priority and she is committed to helping clients achieve their goal of looking and feeling great. You can be assured that your experience at The Lovely Clinic will be informative and uplifting, as Dr Tonks will deliver results that will make you feel amazing. 

The Lovely Clinic
25 Walton Street

Website and Email
[email protected]



Dr Sarah Tonks is a great cosmetic doctor who is completely up to speed with the latest techniques and procedures.

Dr Sarah is my go-to person for subtle, beautiful wrinkle relaxation and fillers.

Under-eye PRP with Sarah instantly made my eye bags less crêpey – can’t wait to see what the recommended three sessions can do!


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