The Facial Bar

Results-driven facial treatments designed to improve your skin and its well-being, delivered by expert hands.

The Facial Bar aims to change the way consumers think about and take care of their skin.  At The Facial Bar, we believe that great skin requires consistent upkeep which is why our dedicated team of skin-experts will enable you to hit the reset button on your skin. Choose from a series of 30, 45 and 60 minute facials to target your skin concerns head on. From Anti-Ageing to Anti-Acne, our facials will address your concerns and prioritise your skincare using the best in technology and skincare products.
The Facial Bar operates on the premise that true beauty comes from within. Our results-driven facial treatments are designed to simplify and change the way you look at and look after your skin. The number one concern is the welfare and well-being of your skin cells, and by focusing on improvements and care at a cellular level our treatments can deliver revitalising treatments that make a fundamental difference to your skin health. Our promise at The Facial Bar is that after just one treatment, our experts will change your skin’s life.

Tweakments Offered

The Facial Bar has been practising for 1 years and offers the following tweakments: