Clarisonic Firming Massage Head

This massage head, with its three rubbery bumps, clips on to any of the Clarisonic Smart devices and rotates as you use it to give your face a ‘sonic’ massage. It uses a concept called ‘mechanobiology’ which claims that it will tighten and lift the skin at the same time as softening wrinkles.

You need to use the device for three minutes a day, during which time those rubbery bumps vibrate and deliver ‘micro-massage motions’ into your skin – 9,000 of them per minute – and these in turn stimulate collagen production in the skin. You can use the device with any skincare serum, cream, or oil that you like (it helps products sink deeper into the skin, too), for three minutes at a time, morning and evening. Results from trials look encouraging — users report tighter, smoother skin and less visible pores

Price: £22.95

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