Dr Levy 3Deep Cell Renewal Cleanser – 150ml

A cream cleanser¬†that not only thoroughly cleanses the skin but has glycolic and lactic acids – those are both alpha-hydroxy acids — and rice micro-beads to slough away dulling dead skin cells and debris with both a physical and a chemical exfoliation.

It’s called ‘3Deep’ because it has three ways of working.

You can apply it to damp skin, massage it lightly into the skin and rinse it away for an everyday cleanse, which you can do twice a day.

Or you can apply the product to dry skin, massage it in thoroughly and then rinse (if you do this, I’d advise concentrating the massage on the oilier areas of the face such as nose and chin as the cleanser is mildly abrasive and I find rubbing those rice beads around the rest of my face can get a bit rough.

Or you can apply a decent amount of the mask to dry skin and leave it on for five minutes, for the alpha-hydroxy acids to go to work dissolving the cellular ‘glue’ that holds the outermost dead skin cells onto the surface, then rinse away.

So – yes, it is expensive, but think of this more as a treatment product than a run-of-the-mill cleanser, you’ll soon see the point of it.


Price: £39.00

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