GloPRO microneedling regeneration tool

GloPRO microneedling regeneration tool

Microneedling is increasingly popular as an at-home treatment to stimulate collagen production in ageing skin. This is a sophisticated home-use microneedling device designed to stimulate the skin’s natural healing response. It also vibrates and beams soothing, collagen-boosting red LED light at the skin as it is used.

The roller is covered in tiny 0.3mm stainless steel spikes. Rolling the device across the face creates thousands of tiny holes in the skin. These allow any skincare products you apply to get right into the skin so they will be more effective, and, the theory goes, as the skin races to repair the damage caused by the needles, it produces growth factors and collagen that help strengthen the skin.

What It’s Like to Use

Very easy and only lightly prickly on the skin, rather than painful. When I tried it out, I rolled it enthusiastically around my face for the recommended minute, then carried on a bit until I could see my poor face was going a bit pink — but no harm done, that just means the needles are doing their job. Then I slapped on my retinol-based night cream and retired for the night.


Fabulous. It’s sophisticated, clinically well-proven, and I love it. I have found myself using this with dedication and also experimenting with the larger body-roller head with its 0.5mm spikes, which is meant to be brilliant for stretch marks and cellulite — though I appreciate you could get all the same benefits of the microneedling, minus the LED light and vibration, with a £10 dermaroller off the internet. So is it worth it? Depends on your budget.


Since trying this device and writing this up, I have had a bit of a re-think on home needling, because I have been speaking to a few dermatologists who are not keen on it. They say that it causes unnecessary trauma to the skin and that few of the products that people apply after needling are designed to go as deep into the skin as they will through the needled holes (if a product has fragrance in it, for instance, that is very likely to cause irritation). So I have included this review because this is a lovely product and a very popular one. But I’m not totally convinced that it is good for your skin. So bear that in mind.


Price: £154.00

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