MZ Skin Light Therapy Treatment Mask

This solid shield of a mask is covered all over the inside with LED lights which emit red (collagen boosting, anti-inflammatory), or blue (acne-busting), or clear near infra-red (regenerating and calming) or green light (to reduce pigmentation) or even red and blue light together. The countdown timer offers a 20-minute session as a default, but you can change this as you like.

The mask is quite heavy, so even though it will stay on if, say, I sit upright and meditate with it on, it is easier to use it lying down. Its one drawback is that it gives me swimming-goggle-style indent marks below my eyes which take an hour or two to soften. You can’t move around while wearing it, as it needs to be plugged into an electrical socket.  Apart from these quibbles, it is fab.

Price: £385.00

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