NuFACE Fix device for smoothing wrinkles with electrical microcurrent


The latest device from NuFACE is a cute little thing that aims to offer super-speedy and convenient treatment of fine lines for both on-the-go millennials looking for instant skincare pick-me-ups and mature woman seeking targeted treatments for fine lines and wrinkles. It’s the size of an overgrown mascara, so it will fit easily into a handbag or washbag. As you might guess with a NuFACE device, it uses electrical microcurrent to firm, tighten and tone skin around the eyes, lips and forehead in just three minutes, and there are clinically proven results to back up the claims.

The serum used with the device is the first microcurrent skincare. The ingredients are ionised to pull the microcurrent into the skin and increase the instant results. The serum can be used alone for an instant hydration hit, and immediate smoothing effect. The specialist serum can go over makeup for a swift pick-me-up later in the day.

The Fix is a good quick fix – hence the name. In professional treatments, after the first 40 minutes of toning with higher levels of microcurrent, they turn down the current so a lower level doesn’t reach the muscles but floods the skin-level lines with microcurrent. This has the effect of boosting the circulation in the tiny capillaries in the skin, and improving lymphatic drainage.

I like using it on the fine lines around my eyes and find that, if I can be patient and keep moving lightly over the area for a couple of minutes, it is remarkably good at flattening eye bags. The serum is lovely – it’s light and smooth and moisturising and unlike the gel that comes with the main NuFACE products, sinks right into the skin and doesn’t need wiping off afterwards.

I have also been experimenting with the Fix on the fine vertical lines around my lips – and  I’m convinced it helps to minimise the lines and plump up the edge of the lip just a touch.

You can watch a video here of NuFACE lead trainer Kate Prais demonstrating the Face Trainer and the Fix on me  – the Fix is at around 18 minutes in.

Price: £150.00

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