Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid – 100ml

This best selling salicylic acid (which is beta-hydroxy acid, hence its name) is brilliant for dealing with oily, congested skin and it is so loved that it has acquired cult status. Salicylic acid dissolves its way through oil so as well as giving the surface of the skin a light exfoliation it can work its way into blocked pores and help clean them out from the inside. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, to bring down redness and swelling.

Easy to use, you just apply it to a cotton pad and wipe over cleansed skin. I always have a bottle of this on the side in the bathroom and use it more days than not. If you find this 2% BHA solution a bit drying on your skin, there is a 1% strength available.

Price: £26.00

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