PMD Kiss lip plumping system

PMD Kiss lip plumping system

This compact device uses a pulsating vacuum to apply a suction force to your lips, which makes them swell. It’s like a kinder, electronic version of the shot-glass trick. (This trick — you can look it up online, though I wouldn’t recommend trying it — involves pushing your lips into an empty shot glass, then sucking out the air, creating a vacuum whose pressure causes your poor lips to swell in protest.) And if you apply the serum that comes with the device, it is meant to help hydrate the lips and boost their volume a bit, too, for two or three hours.

I can see this being popular with young women looking to achieve fuller-looking lips without injections of filler, as well as with older women whose lips are starting to shrink. Daily use is meant to boost collagen production, to create plumped up lips for as long as six weeks.

What It’s Like to Use

Easy enough. It vacuums up a chunk of your lip at a time, and you move it around your lips until each bit of them has been treated. It doesn’t hurt, and it takes about three minutes to do.


It certainly boosts your lip volume and colour (due to the increased blood flow) for an hour or two, but I found that going too near the lip edge could leave a red ring around the outside of the mouth, which looks really odd and which you can’t hide with lipstick. Call me old fashioned, but this is something I can’t really be bothered with. Why have I included it in here if I wouldn’t use it myself? Because it does give a result and you might feel differently about it.

Price: £125.00

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