NuFACE Trinity facial toning device

Running low-level microcurrents through the face improves the circulation, helps reduce fine lines and, by tweaking and toning the face muscles, helps give the face a lifted appearance.

This nifty device is hugely popular in the USA and is the only one of its kind to have FDA approval (which means it does what it claims, including improving the contours of the face if you use it regularly). Because it works by toning the muscles, you would think it was an antidote to Botox, but it works well as an adjunct to Botox treatment. This is because it plumps up the muscle fibres and keeps them in good shape even if, thanks to Botox, those muscles are temporarily inactivated.

What It’s Like to Use

Very easy: you just switch it on and — having applied conductive gel to the skin first — slide the smooth bobbles of the device slowly upwards and outwards across the cheeks, nine times on each side, then slowly upwards from the eyebrows, again nine times on each side, which takes less than five minutes. Having watched a demonstration where a middle-aged model’s eyebrow was hoisted by at least a centimetre in just five minutes, I have been experimenting at home and can just about do this, which is thrilling. It tingles a bit, but it’s not remotely painful. Some people use it while watching TV. That’s only possible if you’re watching alone as the beep the device gives to tell you to move to a different spot soon becomes really annoying for anyone else in the room.


Terrific, portable and slightly addictive. I love the way that, when I have worked over my forehead and tweaked up my eyebrows, I feel much more awake, simply because my forehead is lifted and so my eyes are that little bit more open. Strange but true. What I haven’t managed to do is use it consistently enough to get lasting results, but I know it is proven to give results if you keep at it.

Price: £315.00

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