Skinade collagen drink

Skinade is a collagen and micro-nutrient infused drink that is designed to boost the skin’s natural collagen and Hyaluronic Acid production from the inside while gradually retraining the body to make collagen at a faster, more youthful rate.

It comes either in bottles or in a more concentrated form, in sachets. I prefer the sachets as you can dilute them to taste. Either way, it tastes of mangosteen and orange but it is so sweet that I have to dilute it quite a bit.

The drink contains 7,000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen, plus omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamin C and micronutrients, to boost the condition and structure of the skin.

What’s the proof? Independent clinical tests show Skinade increases skin hydration by 28 per cent in eight weeks and smooths lines by 26 per cent in 12 weeks.

This is the market leader among the collagen drinks sector and it is well formulated and well-proven through independent tests.

The additional extras such as omega-3 fatty acids and MSM — a naturally occurring compound that assists collagen formation — are always of benefit to the skin. It takes time for the body to build new collagen, so you need to take this sort of supplement for at least three months to see an improvement.


Price: £105.00

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