Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore

Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore – 48ml

This lovely cream is much more than a moisturiser. It is designed to replenish the lipids – the fats – within the skin which help keep the skin barrier strong, improve radiance and improve skin slackness.

The formula works by using ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids in a 2:4:2 ratio. Why this ratio? Because these proportions have been proven (by SkinCeuticals’ own research) to be much more effective at stabilising the skin barrier in dry, rough, dull-looking older skin.

If you are younger, and wondering whether this is a good preventative purchase – it’s not. The extra cholesterol gives no added benefit for younger skin. But for older, drier skin like mine, it’s just lovely. It leaves my skin feeling deeply nourished yet without the oiliness of a heavy moisturising cream.

Use once or twice a day, on clean dry skin or over a serum, as needed.

Price: £114.00

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