TriPollar STOP facial skin renewal

TriPollar STOP facial skin renewal

Radiofrequency energy is a popular in-clinic choice for tightening the skin and reducing wrinkles, and this device offers a home-use version of the same technology.

Like a clinic-based radiofrequency treatment, the Tripollar Stop works by creating heat within the skin, which has two results. Initially, it has a quick tightening effect as the heat makes the collagen in the skin contract; and longer term, the heat will prompt the skin to make more of its own, new collagen. The device can be used on the hands and the neck, as well as the face.

What It’s Like to Use

I apply a thin layer of conductive gel all over my (clean, dry) face, switch on, and get going. The head of the Tripollar device has four rounded metal pegs on it, and these all need to be in contact with the skin in order for it to work. As instructed, I work on a small area of face, sliding those four pegs around in a slow circle. It feels very warm, and just as it is becoming alarmingly hot, the green indicator light on the device turns orange, which tells me that that patch of skin is cooked – or at least, hot enough to stimulate new collagen formation. Phew. Then I move onto the next patch. It takes just over 20 minutes to go over my whole face, which is left a bit red — but this redness goes within half an hour.


As with all home-use devices, you need patience and commitment to get the best results out of this. And because it takes 20 minutes, you need to set that time aside two or three times a week for a special spot of self-care. Having tried it, I have found that if I earmark half an hour on a quiet evening for this, it’s quite possible. What I’m really interested in seeing is what difference it can make to my neck, which is in more need of attention than my face, so I’m more motivated to keep going with it. I’m pretty sure it will work if I do.


Price: £249.00

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