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Acne Fixers Mini Bundle


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Dealing with acne doesn’t need to be so traumatic or soul-destroying. I have the solution right here with my mini Acne Fixing skincare bundle. This tried-and-tested skin tonic gets to work deep cleaning to remove excess oil and prevent breakouts and an oil-free sunscreen provides essential protection from damaging UV light during the day. In addition, an anytime anti-microbial spritzer – which works in just 15 seconds – keeps the bacteria on your skin that causes spottiness under control. Follow this daily regime for a clearer skin and a more confident you.

SKIN TYPE: All Skin Types

Bundled Products



In this mini bundle of acne fixing products, we have packed three hard workers that will really help you with congested skin. The Alpha H Clear Skin Tonic is a 2% salicylic acid, beta hydroxy acid solution that you wipe over the skin. The salicylic acid clings onto the oil in your skin and dives down into your pores, grabbing onto the oil and debris and so clearing your pores out in the process. This is hugely helpful in controlling spottiness in congested skin. Since acne is an inflammatory skin condition and ultraviolet light makes any inflammatory skin condition that much worse, you really do need a sunscreen. This oil-free gel from Heliocare is super light on the skin, and once you have it on, you won’t even know it’s there, and so this is something you need to use every day. The Clinisept+ product is an antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial spray that only takes 15 seconds to work on the skin. It’s a great hand sanitizer; it’s excellent on wounds; it’s brilliant for spots too because just a quick spritz on the skin (you don’t even have to rub/touch it) and after only 15 seconds, it will have denatured the acne bacteria. You could add it in the morning before the sunscreen, and you could also use it in the evening, maybe the last thing at night, and put together those will really help your spotty skin.


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