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Body Ballancer 606®

Medical-grade compression therapy

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Alice says

I love this extraordinary device because it helps you look and feel amazing. It’s medical-grade compression therapy which tackles cellulite and water retention, helps you sleep better and gives a great sports massage, too, while improving your lymphatic health, gut health and your immune system.

Based on the same gold-standard technology as its little sister the Body Ballancer 505®, the Body Ballancer 606® is easy to use and treatments can be customised to include, say, lymphatic drainage, cellulite treatment and sports massage in the same treatment session, so it is a valuable addition to any aesthetic clinic, spa or luxury gym treatment room.

It’s great for body contouring, too. Celebs love it as a pre-red-carpet treatment (shifting excess fluid means you can slip more easily into your party outfit) and it’s brilliant after fat-busting treatments like CoolSculpting, for clearing dead fat cells through the lymphatic system.

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Reducing water retention and the appearance of cellulite, improving lymphatic health and being capable of delivering both a strong sports massage and gentle lymphatic drainage within the same treatment session, the Body Ballancer 606® is an absolute ‘must’ for any aesthetic practice, skin clinic, gym or spa.

Using the Body Ballancer after fat-busting treatments such as CoolSculpting can enhance the results by helping the lymphatic system deal with and remove from the body the fat that has been broken down by the treatment.

It’s great for body contouring, too, since removing excess fluid from the body brings volume reduction after each treatment session.

The beauty of the Body Ballancer 606® is that you can customise treatments, offer different types of massage in a particular sequence to suit different client needs, and save all these options for future use.

The state-of-the-art ‘plug-and-play’ compressor of the Body Ballancer 606® connects to either the inflatable trousers which come with the device or the inflatable jacket which can be bought separately.

These treatments all help the body’s lymphatic system to do its job better but can be geared towards, say, volume reduction, pregnancy massage (you can turn off the section that compresses the stomach), or cellulite-smoothing, as you choose.

The Body Ballancer can be used at the same time that you are giving clients treatments such as microneedling or radiofrequency. It can help to distract and relax a nervous client, and disperses the redness and inflammation that usually results from these treatments.

As well as immune health, the Body Ballancer helps with gut health and menopausal health.
But it’s not just a treatment for women. Men can benefit just as much from the Body Ballancer; the relaxing massage it delivers helps reduce stress levels, and it’s ideal for helping repair sports injuries, recovering post-op lymphatic health, and before exercise to warm up muscles, or afterwards to clear the lactic acid that brings on muscle soreness from the tissues.

Good lymphatic health boosts the immune system, improves gut health, and heals sports injuries quicker, so the Body Ballancer is perfect for all your clients.

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  • Unpack and lay out the ‘trousers’ on the couch or treatment bed.
  • Unfurl the hoses that are attached to the trousers, and plug these into the sockets on the front of the compressor unit.
  • Plug in the compressor unit, switch it on and choose your treatment programme, treatment pressure and treatment duration from the options on screen.


What our customer say about Body Ballancer 606®

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  1. Belinda

    One of the benefits I didn’t expect – or even realise was linked to my lymphatic system – was that my chronic sinusitis almost completely cleared up. After decades of suffering, it’s amazing.

  2. Antonia

    In my view, in a world that is, unfortunately, so often crowded out by overblown claims and hyperbole, this absolutely warrants description as a hero product/treatment.


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I was wondering if you offer advice on cellulite treatments for a slim fitness addict in her 40s!

We’ll have info on cellulite tweakments on the site soon but for the time being, the one treatment I've found that consistently makes the most difference to the appearance of my cellulite is the Body Ballancer which is a lymphatic drainage treatment that can be done in a salon or clinic, or if you have the budget you can buy the device for home use. There are videos on that link with more information about it.

Hello…. I’m interested in knowing about the Body Ballancer treatment. Have you heard good things about it? Thanks so much. Silvana

Hi yes the Body Ballancer is fab, the treatment is really good for improving lymphatic health (which brings serious health benefits) and also on the aesthetic side brings about volume reduction - by dispersing water retention - and also improves the look of cellulite no end. There are various videos about the Body Ballancer on the site so take a look to learn more about it.