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NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device

Microcurrent device to tone and tighten facial muscles


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This device improves facial contours by toning and tightening facial muscles using low-level electrical microcurrents. The NuFace devices are hugely popular and are the only brand of their kind with FDA clearance.  I also find this really helpful for brightening up my face by improving its blood circulation and lymph drainage. Similar to its sister device, the NuFace Mini, but this bigger model has the option of interchangeable treatment heads. 

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This is the NuFace Trinity which tones and tightens the muscles in the face using low-level electrical microcurrents. Before you even ask, I’ll just add that yes it’s safe, and yes it’s effective and it is FDA-cleared, too. The device passes electricity between its contact points (those silver spheres) through the muscles and that just wakes them up a bit, so it’s like a five-minute mini face lift. You can use it on your neck, you can use it to contour your cheeks and jawline, but my favourite bit is to work on the forehead, to lift my eyebrows. So does it work? Yes, if you use it enough. You have to put in the time. And do the results last? Long enough to encourage me to keep going. Also, I find that the way microcurrent improves the blood circulation and lymph drainage in the face really helpful for brightening up my face. 

This model, the Trinity, is the bigger one – there are interchangeable heads that you can get to go on it. The smaller version, the NuFACE Mini, does the same job, but without the option of interchangeable heads. 

If you take a look at the video here, you’ll see how easy it is to use. 

P.S. Because the NuFACE works by toning the muscles, you might not expect it to be helpful if you have had toxins or another brand of wrinkle-relaxing injections, but it works well alongside these treatments. This is because it plumps up the muscle fibres and keeps them in good shape even if, thanks to toxins, those muscles are temporarily inactivated.

USPs: *muscle-toning   *improves facial contours    *boosts circulation in the face

Your face needs to be clean and dry before you start. Apply a layer of NuFace conductive gel to the area of the face that you are starting with – you need to use enough that your face will look slightly wet. 

For the face: you need to make nine gliding passes with the device in each of four areas of the face – the left cheek, the right cheek, the left-hand side of the forehead, and the right-hand side of the forehead. Each pass should take five seconds – the device beeps after five seconds, to keep you on track. You don’t need to press the device into the skin. Just rest it lightly on your face and glide it. 

For the cheeks: starting at the chin, glide the device out to the edge of your face, along your jawline. Make the second pass out from the side of your mouth across your cheek towards your ear, and the third, from the edge of your nose outwards along the top of your cheekbone. Repeat these three passes twice more. 

For the forehead: starting above the brow near the centre of your face, glide the device slowly upwards towards your hairline. Start the next pass at the centre of your eyebrow, and move upwards, then start the third pass at the outer edge of the eyebrow, working upwards. Repeat these three passes twice more

You can treat one cheek, then the other, and one side of the forehead then the other – though I find it is more interesting to work on one side of the face and forehead first, and compare it to the untreated side, then even things up by treating the second side. 

For the neck: start at the centre of your neck, and glide the device out to the side. Work upwards with three overlapping passes, from the bottom of the neck to the top. Repeat this twice more, until you have done 9 passes on one side, then treat the other side. Avoid the very centre of the neck above the thyroid. Treating this area has not been shown to be problematic, but the brand recommends that you avoid this spot.  

Finally, remove any surplus conductive gel with a damp flannel, then apply your normal skincare. 

If you want to see a professional demonstrating the device, there’s a video on my Instagram of Kate Prais of NuFACE, using the device on me and explaining how it works, and how to use it.


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I have had cataract surgery done recently. Is it safe to do radiofrequency treatments after two weeks following surgery? Is it safe to use Nuface device and red LED mask following eye surgery ?

I would double check all these things with the surgeon who did your cataract surgery and follow their advice on that and wait until the healing is complete.

Which is better, the sensica or the nu face for marionette and crows feet?

Hi, they do rather different things. I'm a big fan of the NuFace devices for keeping up the tone and tautness of facial muscles. Sensica uses radiofrequency energy to heat and tighten the surface of the skin and smooth wrinkles that way - though if you're up for trying that I'd suggest the new Dermadeep RF Pro from Orlaya which is a lot more powerful albeit more expensive at £499.