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Oily Skin Mini Bundle

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The biggest challenge with oily skin is keeping it clear as well as hydrated. My core selection of cosmeceuticals for an effective daily regime starts with the one-step multitasking product Potent C to strengthen, brighten and hydrate your skin …yes, even oily skin needs moisture. Then, apply this lightweight, oil-free sunscreen gel to protect you from UV light. After cleansing at night, put on a retinoid to normalise oil production. Only use this a couple of times a week while you acclimatise; in between apply more Potent C.

SKIN TYPE: Oily Skin

Bundled Products



This is the Mini kit for Oily Skin, three products that will work really hard to get your skin in order.

  • This is a vitamin C from Belgravia Dermatology, it is called Potent C, and it will help brighten the skin and stimulate collagen production, so it is a good hard worker.
  • Then, a sunscreen because everybody needs a sunscreen and this is one that is super light so it will sit on the skin so delicately, you won’t even know it’s there, doing a good job of protecting you from ultraviolet light. This is the Heliocare Gel Oil Free SPF50
  • And then at night, a retinoid, this is Crystal Retinal from Medik8, and it’s a powerful retinoid and what retinoids can do as well as regenerating the skin and stimulating the skin cell turnover and breaking down pigmentation is normalise oil production in the skin so that is really crucial if you have got oily skin, it can help bring down that oiliness and help keep pores clear too. I would not use it more than twice a week when you’re starting off with this; obviously, you can build up as you go, as you see how your skin tolerates it, and it is surprisingly easy to tolerate for all that it is a strong product but go easy on that one to start with and here is your mini kit for Oily Skin.

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