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Start with Skincare Full Works Bundle

A fantastic starter kit to kickstart your skincare regime!

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Knowing how to start an effective skincare regime can be overwhelming. I’ve brought together a collection of essential, tried-and-tested cosmeceuticals to get you started and make a remarkable difference to your skin. My Start-with-Skincare Starter Kit begins with a good cleanser, followed by an anti-oxidant and moisturiser to stimulate, brighten and hydrate the skin, and sunscreen to protect it during the day. Of course, you can care for your skin while asleep, so my kit also includes night-time repair and hydration products, which will also help to clear pigments, boost collagen and refine pores. Start waking up to brighter, fresher skin.

SKIN TYPE: All Skin Types

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Suppose you’re wondering where, to begin with, all these skincare options – you could try this bunch of brilliant products. They’re all really effective at their different jobs and put together; you’ll find they have a remarkable effect on your skin. What’s in this bundle?

  • The Medik8 Lipid Balancing Cleansing Oil, this is a great cleanser that suits all skin types.
  • Medik8 C-Tetra, an antioxidant that will protect and brighten your skin.
  • The Profhilo Haenkenium moisturiser is a lovely lightweight one that also suits all skin types.
  • The Heliocare Fluid Cream sPF50, because sunscreen is non-negotiable.
  • At night time, Medik8’s Crystal Retinal 1 is necessary to repair and plump skin, as well as refining pores and clearing pigmentation.
  • Lastly, Alpha H Liquid Gold is a glycolic acid exfoliant and skin-hydrator which you can use once or twice a week.


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I’m getting married next year and want to get my skin in the best shape possible but don’t really know where to start. Could you recommend anyone in particular who could help with a number of things (scarring, red around nose, congestion, etc.)...

Wow, congratulations! Start with your skincare – I'd suggest a gentle cleanser, a vitamin C serum, a moisturiser, and a sunscreen for the day, and for the evening, something with retinol or retinal (a bit stronger) in it, plus the moisturiser. Take a look at this collection to see the sort of products I prefer, and how I'd suggest using them. Then find a great practitioner – you can put your postcode into our practitioner finder – and book a consultation to see what they suggest to treat your other concerns....


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