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The Big Anti-Wrinkle Bundle

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Who doesn’t keep an eye on the wrinkles? Not a problem – we can use a daily skincare routine to smooth those lines, making wrinkles less prominent. My bundle of anti-wrinkle products contains hard-working, tried-and-tested cosmeceuticals, starting with a great cleansing wash, vitamin C to strengthen and brighten, and a hard-working moisturiser to nourish the skin. There is also sunscreen for protection during the day – exposure to ultraviolet light is what has caused those wrinkles in the first place. Before bed, use the retinoid a couple of times a week; on nights other nights, use the vitamin C serum, followed by the peptides serum which firms the skin from the inside. Now who’s a smoothie?

SKIN TYPE: Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, and Oily Skin

Bundled Products




This is the Big Anti-Wrinkle Bundle, which is a killer selection of products for targeting wrinkles and proving and smoothing your skin.

  • Starting with a great cleanser, this is the Neostrata Glycolic Foaming Wash that will give your skin a mini exfoliation with every use.
  • A vitamin C serum is important for strengthening and brightening the skin. This is the Potent C from Belgravia Dermatology, with 20% L-Ascorbic acid (a form of vitamin C) backed up by antioxidant ferulic acid, skin-strengthening peptides and hydrating hyaluronic acid. 
  • Moisturiser is vital to keep your skin hydrated so that it functions well. The iS Clinical Moisturizing Complex is an outstandingly good product that makes your skin feel fantastic, and it’s not too heavy to go under a sunscreen.
  • Next, sunscreen; the Viscoderm Photoprotection SPF50, which spreads easily, sinks in beautifully, and protects your skin from ultraviolet light to help prevent future wrinkling.
  • In the evening, here’s Medik8 Crystal Retinal 1. This is an advanced retinoid with proven wrinkle-busting ability so it’s strong stuff, yet it’s quite easy to tolerate.
  • When you’re starting on a new retinoid, it’s best just to use it for a couple of nights a week. On other nights of the week you could use the Liquid Peptides from Medik8. Peptides are really good for reconditioning your skin and helping strengthen it from inside. 



  • In the morning, use the Neostrata Glycolic Foaming Wash. When you are new to this product, use it every two or three days, until your skin becomes used to it.
  • Apply Potent C from Belgravia Dermatology to clean, dry skin, and let it sink right in.
  • Next, smooth a pump or two of iS Clinical Moisturizing Complex over your face and neck, and wait until that has been absorbed. 
  • Then apply the sunscreen, the Advanced Perfecting Shield SPF30.


  • In the evening, after cleansing, use the Medik8 Crystal Retinal 1 on dry skin. When you’re starting on a new retinoid, it’s best just to use it for a couple of nights a week as your skin acclimatises to it, then slowly increase the frequency of use. 
  • Once this has sunk in (give it 20 minutes if you can), apply the iS Clinical Moisturizing Complex. You don’t HAVE to use moisturiser at this point, but I  like to, just to keep as much moisture as possible trapped in my skin overnight. 
  • On other nights of the week, use the Medik8 Liquid Peptides – either with the Potent C serum underneath them, or on their own. And if you wanted, you could finish off with the iS Clinical Moisturizing Complex once everything else has been absorbed.  


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  1. I stumbled across Alice and her Tweakments Guide when looking for guidance on how to care for my skin without the pressure of a sales pitch. Alice”s ”big anti wrinkle bundle” was a treat to myself as I knew I needed to take better care of my skin. The anti wrinkle bundle was specific to my needs and has helped me create a better skin care routine; I really enjoy using the luxurious range of tried and tested brands and my skin truly does feel smooth, moist and healthy, but most of all, my new skin care routine has become a little promise I make to myself to care better for my skin.


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