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Photo of the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham

toxins is one of the best-known brands of wrinkle-relaxing injections on the market. Originally designed for use in medical procedures, it made its first foray into the world of aesthetics in the early 1980s and has been a mainstay of non-surgical cosmetic procedures ever since. By blocking certain neurotransmitters which convey messages from your brain to your body) it can stop muscles from moving and thereby help to prevent the formation or worsening of dynamic wrinkles—those are the ones that appear when we make a facial expression. If you have too much toxins, you run the risk of an overly ‘done’ look, so make sure to find a skilled and experienced practitioner whose previous work reflects what you want to achieve for yourself. Some of the top toxins practitioners in the Birmingham area are listed below, but you can also use the full practitioner finder if you want to see who else is out there.

Something to bear in mind with toxins—and most tweakments in general—is that the effect will be temporary. Since the toxin is a foreign substance that’s not needed by the body, it binds to the receptor sites where it goes to work, then is quickly removed from the body. How long the effects last varies depending on where the injections are. Areas that see a lot of movement, such as around the lips or across the forehead, will return to their previous states faster than less dynamic areas, such as around the nose.


In recent years, Birmingham has been rapidly gaining ground on the traditionally dominant centres of aesthetic medicine—which, if you’re interested, are London (no surprises there) and, to a lesser extent, Liverpool and Manchester. The growing demand across the nation combined with increased competition in the market has made tweakments increasingly accessible and has successfully diversified the offering to all manner of new areas. Denizens of Edgbaston, Solihull and Harborne have been quick to capitalise on this new offering in Birmingham, as have those living farther afield in towns and cities such as Coventry, Wolverhampton and Royal Leamington Spa. The interest in tweakments is only growing in the Midlands and clinics are springing up to meet the demand. What I would say is to be cautious about who you go to. New clinics can often have tempting introductory offers, but it’s vitally important to stay safe and ensure you only visit a reputable and accredited practitioner, such as those listed below. Trust me, it’s worth paying extra if you can be sure your face is in good hands.



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