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toxins in Glasgow

Panoramic photo of Glasgow and the River Clyde

When people ask me about tweakments, the one they all seem to already know about is toxins. That’s no surprise—it’s one of the most often-administered treatments in the world of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Its popularity is largely down to how effective it is. A few little injections can (temporarily) stop wrinkles in their tracks. How does it do this? The active ingredient in all wrinkle-relaxing injections (of which toxins is just one) is botulinum toxin A, which inhibits the messages from the brain to the body, aka neurotransmitters, from reaching the muscles in the injected area. This means that the muscles cannot and do not contract when your brain sends the signal to do so, which prevents expressions (like frowning) from deepening the wrinkles in the area.

You would be forgiven for thinking that this all sounds a little scary. After all, facial expressions are part and parcel of communicating with others, so you don’t want to lose that completely. That’s where finding a good practitioner is essential. With unskilled and inexperienced practitioners, you run an increased risk of over-treatment. I’ve listed some of the top practitioners in Glasgow below. They all have a wealth of experience and vital accreditation behind them, so you know you’re in good hands.


With a rich history going back centuries, the city of Glasgow dominates the landscape of the Clyde Valley and is known as the commercial capital of Scotland. It has a vibrant and thronging populace, bigger in number than Edinburgh or Aberdeen, which is catered to by a diverse range of industries. One of these is the tweakments industry, which is thriving in the Glasgow area and looks after not only Glaswegians but those living in neighbouring towns such as East Kilbride, Paisley and Hamilton, too. Unsurprisingly, given its global popularity, toxins is one of the most-often requested tweakments from patients visiting clinics in Glasgow. You have to go to the right practitioner, though, as too much of any wrinkle-relaxing injection can result in unwanted consequences, like a frozen face or constantly blank expression. If done incorrectly, it can even cause drooping to the injected areas, which is known as ptosis. Some of the best in Glasgow are listed below.



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