Emsculpt body shaping at the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic




Emsculpt is an extraordinary new technology for body shaping, which promises to build muscle and reduce fat at the same time. How could I resist the chance to try it out at the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic in Knightsbridge?

This machine, from BTL Aesthetic, uses high-intensity focussed electromagnetic energy to make the abdominal muscles contract – 20,000 times.

These supra-maximal contractions should be able to give you a six-pack within six sessions, and it is as popular with super-fit personal trainers as it is with couch potatoes.

What’s it like? Quite intense! Watch the video to see what I mean. Also, it made me helpless with laughter. I don’t know why, but it just did.

This week’s Tweak of the Week sponsored by the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic




Known as “The London Lip Queen”, Dr Rita Rakus has been a trailblazing pioneer in the field of aesthetics for the past 30 years, accruing a slew of awards, co-founding the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, and setting herself apart as one of the foremost practitioners in the UK.


Dr Rita Rakus offers a full range of cutting-edge tweakments at her Knightsbridge clinic, which is only staffed by brilliant practitioners. Click below to go to her clinic website to find out more.


About Alice Hart-Davis

Alice Hart-Davis is an award-winning beauty journalist and author. For nearly 20 years she has been reporting on the aesthetic cosmetic procedures colloquially known as tweakments, and has trialled countless procedures in order to review them.

Alice has won many awards for her work, though none for services as a cosmetic guinea pig. She attends aesthetics conferences around the world and spends a lot of time catching up with the doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses and the companies behind the technology in this fast-expanding field, the better to understand the tweakments on offer.

Over the years Alice has seen — and experienced first-hand — plenty of bad treatments, and understands the many problems that beset the aesthetics industry, from the lack of regulation to the rising incidence of body dysmorphia among cosmetic patients and practitioners.

Despite this, she remains an advocate of good, understated cosmetic work — the sort which goes undetected and unremarked, because it doesn’t lead to weird-looking hamster cheeks or frozen foreheads. She is also still enthusiastic about the potential of tweakments for making people look that bit better, which in turn makes them feel better about themselves and better able to get on with the rest of their lives.

She lives in London, a short bicycle ride from Harley Street, with her husband and a lively Jack Russell terrier. Her three young adult children take a dim view of tweakments, but accept that these are something she does for work (and are too kind to use the word, ‘vanity’).

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