Dermatology-grade Facial

Not a pampering sort of facial, but the type that will give your skin a thorough MOT. Typically, an aesthetic facialist will examine your skin in detail, before discussing with you which aspects of the treatments at her disposal will benefit you most. So you might have a light acid peel, deep pore cleansing involving extractions of blackheads and milia, with perhaps a light treatment such as laser or IPL to tackle pigmentation issues. It will be a personalised treatment using the latest and most relevant technologies and high-grade skincare.

Tweakment Details

Needles: No
Pain level: None
Cost from: £300
Recovery time: None

Where is it used for:

Face, neck and decolletage

How do dermatology facials work:

More detail as above xx

How long does a dermatology facial take:

60 minutes

Pain level:

Low, though any chemical skin peels may sting, and extractions of blackheads are never comfortable.


None needed


Clearer fresher skin, along with a treatment plan and skincare

Lasts for:

Two weeks; your practitioner will usually suggest a programme of one of these facials each month

After treatment/down time:

None, unless you are a little red after treatment

Things to bear in mind:

You will need to do your part to maximise results by using the skincare that has been recommended to you, and using it like medicine.

Related Concerns:

Dermatology-grade Facial can help you with these concerns:

Dermatology Facial